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The Foreign Media is Promoting Homosexuality in America ! #TeaParty

Whether you listen to the mainstream (foreign) talk shows or watch the mainstream (foreign) news, you've obviously realized that their agenda is to promote homosexuality at all costs, alongside class warfare, high taxes ...

Why a Rise of American Nationalism is Inevitable

A rise of US nationalism is not only a probability, it's an inevitable progress that we must embrace.Given the direction in which the country is going, or rather the direction in which the current administration is dragg ...

Barack H. Obama, the ultimate symbol of Globalism ?

Barack H. Obama is in many ways both the culmination and the distinctive symbol of the globalism ideology.Everything he does is an expression of his attachment to the conception of a New World Order controlled by the Eur ...

California school bans US flags, fears offending illegal "Mexicans"

Americans, you had been warned : I told you the PC "tolerance" dogma was nothing but a front to precipitate an illegal alien demographic replacement when I wrote about Obama (the Alien-in-Chief) and his infamous DREAM Ac ...

Discrimination is choice, time to end the "Civil Rights"

In modern Socialist States of once-America, where having a dissident opinion on certain subjects is a crime but lying about terror attacks, financing foreign djihadists and facilitating the illegal alien invasion is not, ...

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