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The Foreign Media is Promoting Homosexuality in America ! #TeaParty

Whether you listen to the mainstream (foreign) talk shows or watch the mainstream (foreign) news, you've obviously realized that their agenda is to promote homosexuality at all costs, alongside class warfare, high taxes (but no tariffs), immigration, global warming, free-trade, Zionism and anti-nationalism.

The Zionist Jews, who are not even Jewish but European, such as the Rothschilds and their lackeys have made the promotion of homosexuality their biggest goal in the United States.

The Globalist Double-Standard on Homosexuality

But do they apply their "tolerance" in their own countries ? Of course not, as for free-trade, immigration and taxation, the pro-European globalist double-standard is at work again.

In France, homosexuals aren't even allowed to be blood donors but that doesn't stop French corporations such as Vivendi (who owns NBC and their associates) to portray any American who opposes the pro-faggot propaganda as a "homophobe".

Expose these globalist invaders and the vote out all traitors in our governments who bow down to them. Do it fast unless you want the USA to become the new Palestine (Israel is just a proxy for the same European imperialists that run the "anti-racist" lobbies here).

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Don't let the globalists and their puppets use homosexuality as a decoy to invade us, expose their double-standard !

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