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California school bans US flags, fears offending illegal "Mexicans"

Americans, you had been warned : I told you the PC "tolerance" dogma was nothing but a front to precipitate an illegal alien demographic replacement when I wrote about Obama (the Alien-in-Chief) and his infamous DREAM Act.

Now even public schools, an entire symbol of the centralized socialist education system, are prohibiting students from displaying, sartorially or otherwise, the flag of the United States of America.

Illegal Immigrants, the new god worshiped by the Left
Illegal Immigrants, the new god worshiped by the Left

Mexican Aliens want to ban the American flag

Officially, the reason given for the ban of the flag of the United States of America is to "not offend Mexican students".

The first questions we can ask ourselves are : what are Mexican students doing in an American school ? Furthermore, what are they doing in a PUBLIC American school (meaning financed by your taxpayer money) ? And finally, why does an American school believe that it's its duty to "not offend" a population that shouldn't even be here in the first place ?

This form of politically correct deviance, while thoroughly retarded, should nonetheless come to a surprise for no one. It has been the goal of the globalists from day one, to transform the United States of America into a European protectorate with no identity, no culture, no sovereignty... and apparently no flag other than the LGBT and Euro-globalist "citizen of the world" ensigns.

It is nothing more than the culmination of the "anti-racist" ideology espoused by cosmopolitan traitors and affirmative action welfare recipients, who traded their national pride and their culture for a EBT card and a few Obamaphones.

While the Left now openly supports ultra-nationalist extremist groups in Europe (they always supported them, but now even the mainstream media admits it), they are also pushing for an absolute relinquishment of our borders and the dissolution of the United States into the xenocratic New World Order.

This will continue as long as Americans let it continue. As long as Americans partake in the accomplishment of ethnomasochistic agendas (anti-racism, tolerance, "citizen of the world", internationalism, immigration, self-hate...), the United States will become less and less of a nation until it is completely dissolved in the North American Union, which itself will be under the aegis of the European globalists.

And for those who believe that it has nothing to do with nationalism but with a fictitious "war on whites", consider what would have happened if a Russian, Serbian, German or Bulgarian school would have decided to ban the national flag.

The French even demanded the death penalty for an immigrant who placed the Algerian flag on a city hall.

It has nothing to do with "war on whites", on the contrary it's the white Europeans who are waging the war against the United States. They are only using Mexican aliens as a tool to accelerate the demographic extinction of the United States, they probably hate Mexicans has much as they hate us.

If Americans really want to end the New World Order they must first realize who their enemy is. It's not the Mexicans (we should still deport them), it's not the Blacks (don't worry about them, the European globalists are already taking care of their demography with vaccination and abortion), it's not the Jews, it's not the Muslims, it's not the "corporations", it's not even the federal government (although they are collaborators and deserve, if not the gallows, at least a lifelong sentence of forced labor).

The enemy is the Europeans. They are the ones pushing for open borders and "diversity" in the United States while advocating the opposite for their own countries. George Soros doesn't promote immigration and globalization in his native Hungarian, quite the contrary : he supports far-right ultra-nationalist movements !

George Soros was a Nazi collaborator, how can you believe he hates whites ? He is, just like all members of the "anti-racist" movement, a pro-European imperialist.

You can be sure that they won't ban their national flags in their own countries, no more than they allow immigration and free-trade (which doesn't stop them from pushing these agendas on us).

Their goal is merely to use the Mexicans as a front to take over the United States, but the real enemy is the inbred European globalists. Remember that, and don't fall for the "war on whites" fantasies.

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