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Barack H. Obama, the ultimate symbol of Globalism ?

Barack H. Obama is in many ways both the culmination and the distinctive symbol of the globalism ideology.

Everything he does is an expression of his attachment to the conception of a New World Order controlled by the European global elites. His conspicuous laudation of Marxist and anti-racist ideologies is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Barack Obama's subversive policies, a mere side-effect of the bigger picture : his fanatical devotion to internationalism and cosmopolitanism.

Barack Obama, archetype of the globalist puppet and epitome of the New World Order lackey

As we will see, Barack H. Obama is the perfect puppet for the global elites to control.

Barack Obama, the first single digit IQ president
Barack Obama, the first single digit IQ president

Known as the Alien-in-Chief, the Illegal President, the first single digit IQ president, the Liar-in-Chief, the Kenyan Commie, the teleprompter illiterate, the Common Core Autistic, the Affirmative Action president, the Muslim according to Christians, the fake Muslim according to Muslims, the retard according to everyone else... the qualifiers used to describe Barack Obama are numerous, varied, but always seem to revolve around the same themes : his limited mental faculties, his lack of American citizenship, his ties to globalist organizations (Bilderberg, Club of Rome), his propensity for lies and mendacity, and of course his incessant and pathological promotion of internationalist doctrines.

Obama is indeed the perfect telegraphist for the New World Order.

Barack Obama, telegraphist for the New World Order

In the fundamentally anti-national framework that has become the American political scene, Obamunism harbors, from an ideological viewpoint, no remarkable character of its own. It looks very much like "Bushism" or "Clintonism" to take the most recent examples.

It respects the essential aspects of the globalist doctrine in power since the election of Woodrow Wilson in 1913 : faith in unilateral free-trade, glorification of the foreign, destruction of our national identity by communitarianism and immigration, war on private property, blatant disregard for the Constitution... as you can see, from then to now, the tenets applied by the elites remain stable regardless of who occupies the White House. Their sole purpose is to "radically transform" the United States of America in order to make it adapt to the globalist project in its economic and social structures and in its political principles.

Barack Obama's policies, if they don't stand out from those applied before him, are nonetheless characterized by a clear and definite escalation in the antidemocratic and unconstitutional nature of the conditions in which political power is exercised in Washington DC. From executive orders to illegal operations targeting American citizens (Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS, NSA leaks, Sandy Hook false flags, "green energy" bailouts, Obamacare taxes, Dream Act and many more), it seems like Obamunism is merely the last breath of global agenda before its probable extinction, dying under the weight of its own incompetence and consumed by its own excesses.

Understanding this globalist subversion, facilitated by the allegiance of Barack Hussein Obama and his administration to the European elites, is only possible if we consider how political power is exercised under the Obama regime. It starts with initiatives : they are never made ​​based on national interests but are decided through public opinion surveys that determine the presidential agenda. The political platform constantly changes to suit that which is revealed through the surveys commissioned by the White House, the only constant being the total devotion to the advancement of the globalist project in all its aspects.

The media will then relay a romanticized version of reality, often based on very little factual evidence if any, exalting the president's "courage" to address non-issues he created while demonizing any reactionary "bigot" that would dare opposed the globalist invasion. This complacency of the media towards the presidential agenda is easily explained when you consider that the heads of the main channels, the major news outlet and virtually every single consequential media group are close friends, if not of Barack Obama himself, at least of the Democratic Party.

Would any news outlet even slightly deviate from the pre-approved official credo of unconditional lionization of Obama, his European masters or any of his policies, they would immediately be ostracized and accused of "extremism".

It's the case for a certain Fox News who is comically depicted as a biased "far-right" media, despite the fact that its panel includes proponents of gun control, immigration and centralized healthcare !

The reasons behind Obama's selection

Presidents aren't elected as much as they are selected. This statement has never been truer than in the case of Barry Soetoro alias Barack Hussein Obama.

Barack Obama is the perfect puppet for the European elites to use, control and throw away when they are done with him. Obama himself won't object to that, he is too happy to feel "involved" in a process even he doesn't fully understand.

Why is Obama so special to the global elites compared to say, Newt Gingrich, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Chris Christie, John Kerry, Jeb Bush or John McCain ?

First of all, Obama is an ethnic aberration. Born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia, he then moved to the USA as a "dual citizen"... Obama clearly has no identity of his own, he knows it himself and it transpires through his inability to show a valid birth certificate or to make up his mind as to which religion he adheres to (other than globalism that is).

This feature, overlooked by many, is particularly useful for the global elites as the cosmopolitan "citizen of the world" incarnated by Obama, rootless, cultureless, born nowhere and devoid of identity is precisely what the globalists are trying to create on a large scale with their "multi-culturalism" agenda.

They want every American to become a miniature of Obama : a mongrel with no nation, no identity and a radical fidelity to the global agenda.

But Barack Obama's usefulness to the New World Order goes well beyond his apatridism and his lack of identity.

By his economic semi-ineptitude and his total intellectual infirmity, Barack Obama is the perfect New World Order telegraphist, even more so than the crackhead Bush. Just capable enough to read the teleprompter without arousing suspicion (almost) but not smart enough to actually understand what he is doing, Obama is nothing but a spokesperson for the global elites who can remain hidden behind their anti-racist NGOs and pother lobbies while Obama sanctimoniously enforces their every directive.

The radicalization of the Euro-Zionist agenda, particularly in its economic aspects (Inflationary policies of the FED, expansion of free-trade, high taxes and regulations, promotion of outsourcing), wouldn't have been as easy if it weren't for Obama's lack of cognitive capabilities.

Finally, Barack Obama's pro-Europeanism is second to none, like almost all traitor politicians that have occupied the White House since Woodrow Wilson.

Therefore, by the fact that he is somewhat black, his punctual media interventions to side with anti-racist pressure groups and "minority" lobbies is even more effective in sweeping the Europe problem under the rug.

By drawing more attention to his communitarian affiliation, which would be problematic even if it were genuine, he is able to draw the eye away from Europe more effectively than any other politician. Many Americans who dislike Barack Obama fall in the trap of calling him a "nigger" or an "anti-white racist".

That is precisely what he and his masters want : to draw the attention away from Europe by focusing it on his racial/ethnic/communitarian/religious affiliations.

The map is not always the territory, Barack Obama's pro-blackness is merely a front used to conceal the fact that he is, with the exceptions of Woodrow Wilson and Jimmy Carter, perhaps the most pro-European president this nation has ever had the misfortune of electing.

It goes without saying that all that we have exposed, if it isn't immediately terminated, can only contribute to a weakening of electoral participation. If we do not fight against the democratic decay of staged political oppositions that our country faces, exacerbated by the un-American Obama regime, Americans are likely to fall into a definite distrust of their government which is exactly what the globalists want.

But the Obama regime, for all its comical anti-nationalism, also provides us an easy target to expose and attack. This is essential, because we can only reform the United States once Americans understand exactly who the enemy is and how they operate, in this case through controlled opposition and staged political oppositions.

Barack Obama is a good puppet for the globalists, but the exact same aptitudes that make him useful to them (namely his lack of citizenship, his dogmatic adherence to internationalist ideologies and his very limited intelligence) make him a target of choice for being a catalyst for the rebirth of American Nationalism.

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