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Why a Rise of American Nationalism is Inevitable

A rise of US nationalism is not only a probability, it's an inevitable progress that we must embrace.

Given the direction in which the country is going, or rather the direction in which the current administration is dragging the nation, there is no plausible alternative to absolute American Nationalism.

The Democratic Party is the party of illegals, welfare leeches, public sector unions and bureaucrat parasites. They have proven, not only with the Obama debacle but with every one of their political propositions, that they are no more than autistic puppets for the the Euro-Zionist global elites.

The Republican Party isn't much better. It is composed of right-wing socialists, military contractors, transnational speculators and a few well-intentioned business owners, though they are often closer to Wall Street and the financial world than the productive industrial industrial sector of our economy (that both traitor leftists and cosmopolitan neo-cons want outsourced).

It's perfectly understandable that most Americans, particularly small business owners and blue-collar workers, feel left out by a political caste that cares more about pleasing illegal aliens than advancing the national cause and protecting the interests of the American people.

The problem is that in the current system, the only alternatives to these two facets of globalism are the "independent" parties, who in practice are just as bad (if not worse) than the main political factions.

The Greens have completely bastardized the environmental movement, contaminating what was originally a rightful revolt against the supranational globalist system with third world adulation and internationalism.

The Libertarians, albeit somewhat better than the other independents, are taking the route of the GOP : abandoning free-market principles and becoming useful idiots for immigration, outsourcing and gay lobbies.

It's only natural that more and more Americans, fed up with the current system, seek a true solution to the staged conflicts and controlled opposition quarrels advertized by the globalists and their media servants.

It's basic common sense and self-preservation, nothing "racist" or "intolerant" about it.

The information is more easily accessible than ever in this day. Too bad for the globalists, as their game of double-standard globalization will become increasingly hard to play.

Many Americans are waking up to this discrepancy between the fairy tale version of globalism that the media presents to us, and the reality of the New World Order and European imperialism. A lot more will wake up in the very near future as the globalists themselves are becoming increasingly greedy.

When Time Magazine, a globalist publication if any, publishes a series of particularly laudatory articles on European nationalist parties (some of which openly advocating the murder of rappers, homosexuals and drug dealers) but simultaneously condemns as "terrorist" any Tea Party member that would oppose the cult of never-ending immigration, Americans are bound to realize the truth one way or the other.

The game of double-standard globalization, where internationalism is forced upon Americans while Europe (the homeland of the globalists) advocates ultra-nationalism for itself, is what will wake up the citizens of the United States.

This example is one among many, but it's the first time (no pun intended) that I have seen the globalists be so direct in their approach. It shows that they are are intensifying their propaganda efforts either out of fear or out of greed. It's a strategic error that we will take advantage of to expose them and their anti-American agenda.

Globalism will end up consumed by its own greed, precipitating the advent of the second American Revolution. The enemy will be the same as it has always been, the European empire.

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