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Discrimination is choice, time to end the "Civil Rights"

In modern Socialist States of once-America, where having a dissident opinion on certain subjects is a crime but lying about terror attacks, financing foreign djihadists and facilitating the illegal alien invasion is not, many of our customs can seem slightly bewildering to those uninitiated too the art of cosmopolitanism.

One may wonder, for example, why the United States choose to self-inflict a policy of institutionalized foreign preference, all in the name of anti-racism of course.

One may also wonder why the United States government and its associated xeno-tolerant lobbies have made the "fight against discrimination" a national priority despite record high unemployment, the ever growing trade-deficit, the explosion of the public debt under the reign of Alien-in-Chief Barack Obama and other issues that should be of national concern.

It is once again part of their war against private property, since they can't abolish it completely as many on the left openly demand, they're simply applying the standard socialist procedure of regulations and government oversight.

Discrimination is choice. Pretending otherwise or trying to "ensure social justice" by use of government intervention is nothing more than endorsing the role of a useful idiot for the New World Order.

The fact that the so-called libertarians, who supposedly defend free-markets and individual freedom, never opposed "Civil Rights" ethnomasochism is proof enough that they are yet another political front for the globalist ideology.

It's more than time to end these anti-racist delusions and abolish the Civil Rights Act.

The globalists created slavery and racial segregation, their main party (Democratic) even fought against their abolition, now they simply switched "sides" and are using the anti-racist front to further their agenda.

Don't be fooled by pro-white, pro-black, anti-hispanic or whatever their rhetoric, they are first and foremost anti-American globalists. They will use whatever front is available to them to advance their internationalist agenda, and in this case that includes the Civil Rights and anti-discrimination laws.

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