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Many Americans now see their own federal government as the enemy. While this sentiment is understandable in light of the treacherous actions of our leaders, it is thoroughly misplaced. The federal government is merely a front the globalists use to advance their anti-American agenda, and condemning our own government for their actions is precisely what they want.

The Reality

Globalism thrives on lack of a strong government

For globalism to prevail, Americans must be deprived of their national identity and their state must be rendered innocuously obsolete.

The political scene is now dominated exclusively by two different views on the federal government. The left-wing socialists who believe it's the role of the government to play mechanic and to model society to their internationalist taste, and the right-wing semi-socialist "conservatives" intentionally confuse government with the proliferative entities that are regulations.

While these views may seem contradictory in appearances, they are once again similar in that they are both the by-product of a globalist ideology.

They both oppose the idea of a powerful government and a powerful state.

For the political right, the perfect government is no government at all, while the ideal form of the state for the left is one so massive it invades every aspect of our lives and regulates everything to the last breath of our economy... while being stripped of its true powers in favor of transnational elites and lobbies.

Globalism, masquerading itself as "world peace", can only advance where states retreat and the influence of our government declines. It is our abdication, as a civilization and a nation-state, that feeds the globalist invasion.

Unfortunately, it's this same ideology of globalism that inspired our leaders in each successive administration for the past few decades. This school of thought managed to infiltrate every aspect of our political spheres due to the treason of our leaders, who either lost faith in their country or for which national continuity was never a priority.

The leaders who facilitated the globalist takeover share a lot in common : their hatred of our nation, their fascination for Europe and its supposed modernity, their connivance with foreign lobbies, their promptitude to defend the interests of the global elites... and of course their belief that the United States is obsolete and must be dissolve in the "global melting pot" of internationalism.

These convictions transpire in every action they take, every speech they hold and even more so in every political platform they endorse : race towards immigration, accelerated de-industrialization, elimination of borders (both physical and economic), enfeeblement of the state, disdain of the American people and dismissal of their concerns as "racism", transfer of our sovereignty to European owned supranational organizations (UN, World Bank, NATO, WTO, IMF, WHO).

Transcending the "Big" vs "Small" government debate

When it comes to government power, many believe the only political choice is between the notions of "big government" and "small government".

On a factual level it makes little sense : what is a big government ? A government capable of protecting it's people ? A government defending our national interests ? Or a government meddling with social affairs and extending its sphere of influence to and beyond constitutional levels ?

The federal government of the nineteenth century was much more protective of our national interests and of the American people, yet not even the most idiotic communist voter would make the case that the government then was more impotent and more impeding on our freedoms than it is today.

Does that make it a big government or a small government ?

The nationalist government is not big or small, it's first and foremost an efficient and a powerful government.

Efficient, to treat state affairs for which it has legitimacy in a swift and cost effective manner. Powerful, to be able to oppose the global agenda and defend the interests and rights of the American people.

A government defending American interests

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, both state and federal government have expanded their spheres of influences beyond anything that was ever envisioned in the Constitution.

And yet there is one critical function of government that has been entirely abandoned by our leaders : the protection of American citizens and American interests.

Globalization, unemployment, loss of sovereignty, rising poverty, communitarian "multi-culturalism", free-tradism, immigration... the American citizen was left defenseless to face the cancers that plague our nation.

Politicians often talk about the idea of a "safety net", usually as a convenient excuse to justify more taxation and more redistribution of wealth. But what safety net is there in a country completely de-industrializazed by decades of devout free-tradism, culturally devastated by relentless immigration and whose sovereignty and national identity has been eradicated by decades of blind submission to the cult of cosmopolitan globalism ? There is none.

The true safety net lies in a strong economic fabric, one that is only possible to achieve by abandoning the failed principles of internationalism and having a strong and patriotic government encourage the re-industrialization of our nation, by favoring entrepreneurship and production over global imports and mindless debt-based consumption.

To eradicate globalism and renew with growth, full employment and prosperity, we must first reconquer our governments : both at the local, the state and the federal level.

The Solutions

Rebuilding the Republic starts with the re-establishment of a constitutional government. One limited in its functions and respectful of the freedoms of American citizens, but with sufficient authority to ensure our independence and sovereignty.

  1. Re-affirm American sovereignty : The United States of America is a sovereign nation and forms the greatest civilization in the world, it's our duty to preserve it. We must refuse any form of internationalism and supranational authority. To remain sovereign a nation must be in control of its borders, its culture, its military and its economic policy : all four of which are threatened by European imperialism masquerading as "global governance". To re-affirm our sovereignty as a nation and our superiority as a civilization, the United States of America will withdraw from the United Nations and all other European proxy organizations.
  2. Uphold the Constitution : Unlike the socialists and the classical liberals, the nationalist doesn't see government as an end in itself and rather as a means to an end. To be respected and legitimate, political institutions must adhere and conform themselves to a higher order. In that sense, the Constitution is not only a voucher for freedom and individual rights, it also serves as the unalterable edict of our civilization that all must adhere to.
  3. Restore the primacy of American law : A state that doesn't establish its own laws is no state at all, but a mere protectorate (which is how the Europeans see the United States). In both domestic and foreign matters, American law will be regarded as the standard and only valid ordinance. Furthermore, all supranational treaties imposed by the euro-globalists and the UN will be revoked.
  4. Reject statism and over-regulation : Restoring a powerful federal government doesn't mean falling into the trap of statism, a political doctrine advocating the delegation of every economic and social policy to the government and granting it total control over all economic matters. Statism is a political bait leading to government impotence and mindless socialism, and as such must be opposed. Since there can never be true state authority if the government has one foot in every pot, its role will be limited to Defense, Justice, economic independence and the preservation of our Sovereignty.
  5. Establish real border security : There can be no national independence and cultural prosperity without a strict control of our borders. The globalists, who want neither for our nation, have unsurprisingly done their best to transform the United States into an open-border landfill under the disguise of "world citizenship". The government on the other hand, which should be both the protector of national independence and the vector of cultural growth, must be intransigent on the immigration issue and implement true border security.
  6. Prohibit non-Americans from holding public office : A government can only be as American as its constituents. When elected officials publicly admit that they are "Israeli first" or consider themselves bi-national "citizens of the world", how can Americans expect to be justly represented ? It's no surprise that more and more Americans feel left out by a government that is less and less American each day. The rules are clear : to govern Americans you must be American, American first, and American only.
  7. Restore the military independence of the United States : Under no circumstance should the American military be used to defend foreign interests, whether geopolitical or economical.The American soldier has, throughout centuries, always obeyed to American superior : the United States will withdraw from NATO command. Furthermore, the United States will remain in absolute control of its defense policy and military sovereignty.
  8. Severely punish corruption and treason : Not content with the rise of globalism, the past decades have also seen a rise in political corruption and frequent collusion between the political sphere and the private interests of a select few. While public-private partnerships can be beneficial for all parties, when done with respect to the rule of law and so long as both parties are American, secret insider trading and fraudulent transfers between foreign organizations and elements of our government pose a risk both for our economy, that has to suffer the largesse of insatiable bureaucracy enhance by the greed of a few politicians, and for national security. Insider deals with foreign corporations will be regarded as treason and judged with maximum severity.
  9. Reserve the right to vote to Americans : There can be no democracy without a demos, a people who share a common nation. American citizens have been despoiled of their rights to participate in the election of their leaders. Rather than openly establishing a dictatorship and eliminating the need for elections, as the globalists undoubtedly desire, they choose to dilute the voice of the American public in a non-American electorate. On issues where only Americans should be the arbiters such as immigration and taxation, the American citizen is now confronted to electoral competition from foreign elements, thus his voice is suppressed. As in every country of the world, the right to vote will be reserved to nationals.
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