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After the destruction of our economy (free-tradism, unilateral globalization), the destruction of our sovereignty (supranational treaties, world government) and the destruction of our demography (migratory submersion), the final step on the globalist agenda is the destruction of our culture and our national identity.

The Reality

A Cultural Genocide

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, there has been an unspoken but open war against American national identity. Our civilization, recognized by even our enemies the greatest and most prosperous in history, in under siege by the global elites. They want Americans to be detached from their national heritage and ignorant of their own civilization.

This cultural genocide finds its roots in the idea of a "New World Order", a profoundly Marxist concept that preaches the end of the United States as a sovereign nation as a desirable solution for a global order to emerge.

In this New World Order so adamantly longed for by the political Establishment, American citizens are deprived of their rights, their liberties and any means of independence and emancipation.

The globalists go even further in their quest to proselytize Americans to their totalitarian ideology. Where communists and other despots "merely" attack our liberty and our wealth, the globalists want to erase our Nation from history.

Our own leaders, often completely obnubilated by fantasies of cosmopolitanism, have allowed and facilitated the rise to power of a small caste of transnational elites. Under the impulsion of constructivist utopias, our leaders want to mold the American citizen into a nationless instrument of the New World Order, a simple consumer with neither hearth nor home, and with no identity other than that which is dictated to him by the global elites (advertisement, public school propaganda, mainstream entertainment).

The best evidence of this virulent contradiction between reality and utopia is the globalist ideology. Despite its "tolerant" and "progressive" appearances, the dismantlement of borders reverses the fundamental laws of nature, life and society. A nation without borders is no different than a home without walls. It can be tempting to pretend otherwise, in order for the globalists to pose as "humanists" and exercise an ephemeral control over the uninformed public opinion by pretending we are all "citizens of the world" and "part of the human race". But when the invasion is here, whether military (occupation), economic (free-trade) or demographic (immigration), have no doubt that the globalists will abandon ship, their pockets filled with all they can plunder. Don't be surprised if they all escape to Europe, their true homeland.

War on American National Identity

Under the disguise of "human progress", the globalists want to transform the American citizen into a by-product of cultural globalization, living off soil and with no identity other than that of the global consumer, melded into the post-national society envisioned by the foreign elites.

Since the beginning of civilization, the constitution of political societies has answered to a single imperative : the physical and spiritual continuity of the national community. Globalism, by its transcultural and internationalist ambitions, goes against this natural principle of life.

The desire to create a mindless "citizen of the world" with no true national identity, no cultural anchors and no civilization is nothing but the resurgence of the old cosmopolitan lobby.

Globalism is a combination of consumerism and foreign fetishim, an alliance between two anti-national ideologies that seek to remove the citizen from his tribal attachments (family, community, kinship, region, nation, civilization) and turn him into a mercantile instrument of the global elites. For Americans it is taken even further and includes a dimension of ethnomasochism : it is not enough to worship all that is foreign, we must also vilify our own roots, culture and civilization.

Note that this hegemonic globalization is exclusively directed at Americans : no one asks the Europeans, the Asians or the Mexicans to renounce their national identity, even when they migrate to other countries.

Any form of American nationalism or even mild patriotism is constantly stigmatized, labelled as "racism" and demonized by the internationalist media and their associated propaganda cartels.

Americans saw their values, their rights, their history and their collective identity attacked by foreign worshipers and their Establishment lackeys. They will use "progressive causes" and "global initiatives" to disarm Americans and make them surrender their national identity to the global melting pot of internationalism.

Foreignism and Cultural Colonization

The goal of the global agenda is for the American citizen to become less of a national, possessing clearly defined rights and customs, and more of an abstract and uniform "world citizen".

The world citizen is devoid of beliefs, solidarity, national identity, and any type of historical reference. He is here to amass debt and consume. Everything is done so that he fits in the mold of global consumerism : uniform in his tastes and purchases, incapable of thinking critically beyond the talking points parroted by the globalist media, ashamed of his own identity and completely detached from his roots. In that sense, the concept of "universal" human rights is the ultimate capitulation to the cosmopolitan values.

To impose their ideals of supranational social constructivism, the globalists must first destroy the spontaneous manifestation of collective identity : national culture. By establishing a cartoonish double standard in which everything American is less desirable than the "superior" European counterparts, they can attack this essential component of our national identity.

Foreign tourism, free-trade, immigration and imported culture are promoted at the expense of our nation's culture and heritage.

This particularly dangerous Manichean worldview is promoted by globalists politicians, traitors to their nation, but also a good deal of useful idiots who blindly follow the system and are incapable of critical thought beyond the "tolerance" preached by the media. In effect, any culture born in the USA will be ignored, deteriorated or reviled while any culture from the foreign will be glorified.

And of course the message will be repeated continuously be the globalist media, owned and operated by European imperialists. The same media who advocate unconditional open borders and foreignism in the United States will simultaneously promote nationalism in European countries : they don't apply their own poisons on themselves.

Promoting American Guilt

This foreign assault on our national identity and heritage is only made possible by the diabolization and culpabilization of Americans. They want to make Americans ashamed of their nation and of themselves, by any means necessary including historical revisionist propaganda and treacherous glorification of the foreign.

The promotion of American guilt is therefore essential to the global agenda, and is often justified as "diversity" and "tolerance" by the perpetrators of this genocidal program.

When Americans were legitimately concerned about the irruption of massive and uncontrolled immigration, they were accused of parochialism and bigotry by the politically correct propagandists who live in wealthy suburbs, predominantly white and far from immigration zones.

When Americans were legitimately concerned about the economic dangers of free-tradism and unilateral globalization, they were mocked, ridiculed and insulted by the bureaucrat parasites whose salaries are paid by the labor of the very workers whose jobs were at risk.

When Americans were legitimately concerned about the growing influence of foreign governments within our judicial and executive power structures, they were labelled racist, fascist and intolerant by the very same internationalist politicians that made this invasion possible.

When Americans were legitimately concerned about these emergence of supranational treaties impeding on their rights and the Constitution, they were portrayed as "rednecks", unsophisticated reactionaries incapable of understanding the divine virtues of a world government imposed on them.

It is now forbidden to consider the United States of America as a country, as a citizenry and as a sovereign nation.

It is, at best, a territory to be exploited by immigrants from every origin, and to be ruled by the global elites.

The Solutions

A strong national identity is a prerequisite to national independence, as these two notions are inseparable.

  1. Revoke any supranational authority that impedes on our sovereignty : The globalists use the United Nations, a proxy for the European Union, to dictate what they want to be considered as international law. The only laws in the United States of America are those of state governments, the federal government and more importantly the law of the land : the Constitution. Supranational treaties and other foisted "agreements" that impede on our sovereignty or that make us dependent on foreign countries will be immediately revoked.
  2. Refuse any form of cultural colonization by the Foreign : In the last century alone, the United States of America went from being an independent, sovereign and culturally rich nation to being a vassalized landfill for the European Union, importing even the most marginal trends of sub-culture from Europe, Mexico and Asia. We must refuse any cultural colonization from foreigners and renew with our national heritage.
  3. Adopt a strict stance on immigration and border control : The massive flood of illegal immigrants in our nation, an unprecedented invasions from foreign aliens, is the second biggest threat to our national identity after cultural colonization. Uncontrolled immigration is destructive to our economy as it creates unemployment and drives down wages for working Americans, and for our national identity as many illegal immigrants consider themselves foreigners first, Americans second (if at all).
  4. Establish national preference : In all our foreign relations the principle of national preference will be rigorously applied, meaning that Americans must benefit from privileges that cannot be accessed by foreigners. And while this principle is applied in every country of the world, including those of the European globalist crusaders, the mere mention of national preference is enough to offend the politically correct single-thought Establishment. National preference is essential to our cultural identity and is a natural feeling, it establishes a sentiment of solidarity and community among compatriots, similar to the sentiment of unity that is shared by members of a family.
  5. Prohibit foreign organizations from establishing themselves on our territory : Under cover of promoting always more grandiloquent humanitarian causes, foreign organizations, associations, committees and NGOs are tools of political subversion that have been exploited against the United States. All foreign organizations will be dismantled and any internationalist group that uses charity to fund propaganda or political activism will be severely prosecuted.
  6. Renegotiate every free-trade treaty : Unilateral free-trade as is currently practiced in the USA is not only destructive to our industrial prosperity and economic independence, it's also a threat to our national identity and collective fraternity. By encouraging businesses to rely on imports rather than create manufacturing jobs in our communities, national solidarity between all Americans is diminished in profit of societal animosity which paves the way to class warfare, racial communitarian tensions and other globalist inflicted ailments. This problem will be addressed both in the ideological (economic patriotism) and fiscal (tax reform) spheres.
  7. Promote American culture : Our common American culture is the expression of our national identity, and as such it must be preserved, protected and promoted. The globalist ideology wants to destroy our national and regional cultures through global agendas, and what they can't destroy they try to expropriate in the name of "international heritage".
  8. Reserve the right to vote to Americans : The most fundamental aspect of any civilization is self-determination, meaning the ability for a nation to choose how it governs itself. This principle is constantly violated by the persistent and ideologically motivated inclusion of foreign elements in our electoral process. The right to vote will be reserved to American citizens and voter fraud will be severely punished.
  9. Prohibit multi-nationality : The admission of multi-national residents on our territory poses a threat to our national identity and our sovereignty, especially when these residents are considered "citizens" by the media Establishment and the successive governments. The idea of multi-nationalism is a geopolitical fallacy promoted by the globalists to weaken our national cohesion, and serves as a stepping stone to their constructivist agenda of a stateless citizen of the world.
  10. Dismantle communitarian ghettos : Many large American cities and now some rural areas as well are infested with foreign ghettos, non-assimilated communities of residents (often illegal) who collectively claim their attachment or visually reveal their affiliation to other nations through the exposure of foreign symbols such as flags and banners. These "communities within communities" are an insult to American culture, destabilize neighboring districts and pose a potential threat to national security and sovereignty. Any ghetto, community, settlement or sedentary assortment that ostensibly shows signs of foreign affiliation will be dismantled. Neighborhoods constituted on the basis of identical ethnicity, religion or fraternal affiliation will be tolerated as long as they show no sign of foreign adherence and are assimilated to American culture.
  11. Preserve regional and traditional American languages : While the institution of (American) English as the official language of the United States is paramount to the establishment of a true nationalist society free from illegal immigration and foreign government influences, regional American languages (Cherokee, Siouan, Apache) must preserved and their use encouraged.
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