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You now have the keys to understand the political subversion that is globalism, what needs to be done for the United States to renew with growth and prosperity and simultaneously why it's puerile to expect our current leaders, whatever their rhetoric or their party affiliation, to apply any of the principles this book advocates.

For them, nationalism is an "intolerant ideology promoting racism, fascism and xenophobia". This statement, complacently broadcasted by their servile media sycophants, serves to demonize the national movement in order to marginalize it politically and electorally.

The techniques used to discredit American nationalism are innumerable and often range from one extreme to the other : either it's the hysterical anti-racist crusade or it's an absolute media ostracism, that some pundits even feign to deplore when they know perfectly well who issues these boycott edicts.

But one question remains unanswered, why are they so scared of American nationalism ? Why such a passionate attachment to the exclusion of any nationalist ideas from the political scene ?

It's perfectly risible, and even more so if you consider that unlike all other ideologies promoted by the globalists, American nationalism has never exercised any responsibility of an institutional nature, whether political, economic, financial, journalistic, educative or intellectual.

There are three main explanations to this persecution, to this "hatred" as the anti-racist lobbies would say, of any form of American patriotism.

The first one is that the rise of American nationalism, that the media unsuccessfully attempted to conceal or amalgamate with "racism", has upset the political autocracy of which all main parties share the stipends. American nationalism denounces the well adjusted dance between the different political powers who, thanks to the obscurantist work of the mainstream media, can pretend to oppose each other in a staged declamatory display, but who nonetheless agree on the essential aspects of their policies.

Secondly, our movement has exposed the double game played by the global elites, in which they can use manufactured "global crises" to further their agenda in the indifference of our leaders, who are often times merely puppets or at best avatars of transnational lobbies. The ostentatious public figures are often no more than telegraphists, who vocalize different issues and use different rhetoric depending on the ideology they officially adhere to and who they are trying to convince, but whose real credo is dictated to them from behind the scenes.

The government of the United States is manipulated by political and financial dynasties, and to provide evidence of this subversion arouses delirious reactions from those directly concerned and their useful idiots.

The third explanation is by far the most consequential as its implications go well beyond the realm of political opposition, whether forged or genuine. American nationalism is the final obstacle to the global hegemony extolled by the Europeans.

All Americans patriots, beyond their natural differences, are united by their desire to see the United States continue and prosper, an intolerable opinion for the globalists.

The platform of this book amply demonstrates it : all policies applied for at least the last five decades have for hidden objective the extinction of the United States as a human community in control of its destiny.

Our enemies don't even attempt hide their ethnocidal agenda : "In the next century, nations as we know it will be obsolete ; all states will recognize a single, global authority. National sovereignty wasn't such a great idea after all." - Strobe Talbot, Deputy Secretary of State under the reign of globalist Bill Clinton.

The choice for the future of our nation couldn't be clearer. Either we accept that the United States be "radically transformed" into a European protectorate, a vassalized territory for the Euro-Zionist "axis of good". Or we fight for the preservation of our rights, our national identity and our exceptionalism, to enter a new era of American rebirth and eminence.

American nationalism is the only solution for freedom, prosperity and sovereignty.

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