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Employment, Jobs and Re-Industrialization

Despite the multiple transformations it has had to face over the past decades, the American economy is still confronted to two profound cancers inflicted on us by our own governments : statism, that shackles our economy in thoughtless regulation and inhibits productivity, and free-tradism, an economic expansion of the globalist "New World Order".

The Reality

Unemployment, a consequence of economic ethnomasochism

There are very few political failures shared by all successive governments since the beginning of last century as salient and as detrimental as unemployment and wage stagnation.

The "War on Poverty" has always failed because no one ever wanted to establish an accurate and uncompromising diagnosis of unemployment. Its causes are less to be sought in "modern economic developments", "market fluctuations", "financial deregulation", "energetic transitions" and "price instability" than in well-defined and deliberate actions of the Establishment, such as the following :

- the choice of massive and uncontrolled immigration, which confiscates millions of jobs from the American worker, maintains wages at their lowest and imposes through "welfare" a drain of several billion dollars each year on our economy

- the choice of foreign preference and free-trade, which forces American workers and businesses to compete with foreign workers even for our national market, and is responsible for the disappearance of entire sectors of our industry and now even parts of our services

- the choice of parasitic bureaucracy, that forces our entrepreneurs to face a regulatory thicket and encourages them to outsources activities, destroying jobs here and creating them in foreign countries (to the benefits of foreigners, once again)

- the choice of an irresponsible fiscal policy, that burdens our workers and companies while facilitating the importation of goods manufactured in foreign countries

All these decisions contribute to job loss, economic recession, rampant poverty in our nation and the enrichment of foreigners at our expense.

And we don't have to look far to see why our governments would betray the American worker and the American economy, they admit it themselves : they are laboring towards a "New World Order", an internationalist cosmopolitan society in which borders, economical or physical, cannot exist.

Of course, the globalists don't impose their open-border free-tradist utopia on their countries. The American worker alone is sacrificed to their "cosmopolitan paradise".

But it would be incorrect to see unemployment and poverty as merely incidental, exterior consequences of the globalist ideal. The death of American industry is not simply one of its side-effect, it's the only conceivable goal of globalism.

Despite the media posturing of demagogue politicians, who promise always more social programs to their electorate, there has never been any initiative to address the real causes of long-term unemployment.

Minimum wage laws, a catalyst for unemployment

Minimum wage laws have been branded as a solution against low wages and unemployment, but nothing is further from the truth as they aggravate both problems.

These laws are the hallmark of a utopia that believes we can fight poverty without addressing the true causes, which are found more in the globalist dogma than in any perceived "flaw" of capitalism or free-markets.

Capitalism has worked for thousands of years without their being periods of prolonged unemployment similar to our current "economic crisis". It's only when we introduced unilateral free-trade and the dogmatic suppression of all borders that we started amassing debt, trade deficits, low wages and unemployment.

Since the political Establishment is unwilling to treat the causes of stagnant wages for ideological reasons, they choose to statistically attenuate their effects by legislative means. Of course, in practice this results in the explosion of unemployment and poverty (precisely what minimum wage laws were made to combat) since those whose productivity doesn't meat the arbitrarily imposed "minimum" are evicted from the job market.

The Establishment, by applying the mentality of big pharmaceutical companies to macro-economics, end up catatonically treating symptom after symptom without ever addressing the root causes of the problems we face.

Minimum wage laws don't create jobs, they don't provide any form of safety net (much to the contrary) and they constitute an economic regression detrimental to workers and to the prosperity of the country.

And while we can imagine that the undesirable effects of such laws can be managed by big corporations, if necessary by outsourcing jobs to foreign countries, the application of minimum wage and other governments mandates is rarely possible without serious consequences for small companies and family-owned businesses. Once again, Big Labor statism and financial globalism are allied against the interests of the American small business and the American worker.

The only real safety net for the American worker is a healthy economy, based on production, and free of parasitic debt and globalist utopias.

Statism and free-trade, the two faces of globalism

Contrary to what a superficial analysis may reveal, statism and free-trade are in practice very similar and compose the two faces of the destruction of our economy.

By inflicting on our economy a tax systems that targets productivity, through personal income and corporate taxes, while maintaining extremely low tariffs (the USA has the lowest tariff rates of the OECD), the Establishment is sending a clear message to businesses : it is more profitable to outsource and import rather than to manufacture locally.

The consequences of this policy to tax labor and production, at unrealistic levels, and to encourage the consumption of foreign and imported goods is of course the de-industrialization of our economy, the job loss for American workers and the record high trade deficit we exhibit year after year.

The same governments that impose on our businesses an unprecedented amount of fiscal spoliation and regulatory constraints are also the ones orchestrating the dismantlement of our borders.

The American business now has to face three disadvantages when competing with foreign corporations : high taxes on production (that the foreigner doesn't pay because he manufactures offshore), growth hindering regulations and the absence of protection for the national market.

While other countries choose to protect the national market from foreign competitors, in order to allow national companies to develop themselves and then to compete on the global market, the US government has made it a principle to leave our national market (thus the American worker) unprotected against this double-standard globalization.

Furthermore, rather than being used as a tool to protect our interests, the US tax code is used to encourage companies to outsource and destroy jobs here to create them elsewhere : by refusing the transition to a sales tax and taxing exclusively the labor and income of Americans, the Establishment is facilitating the domination of foreign corporations on our market.

That didn't deter our governments from wanting our economy to compete directly with nations who don't share these burdens. We are running the same race as our competitors, but we are dragging a self-imposed fiscal burden that prevents us from taking the lead... at the benefits of our enemies.

Re-industrialization, the choice of prosperity

Globalism is not a fatality, it's a decision made by politicians who lost faith in their nation and its potential.

Every problem we face today, from unemployment to immigration, is a result of carefully planned and orchestrated treason by the Establishment. By choosing foreigners over Americans, internationalism over patriotism, they are sacrificing our economic prosperity, our culture and our way of life to the "New World Order".

The choice of re-industrialization is a rupture with the politically dominant ideology of globalism and foreign preference. Re-industrialization is the decision to put America and Americans first, and to refuse the sacrifice of our workers and communities. Finally, re-industrialization is the choice of prosperity and growth for our nation.

Re-industrialization doesn't mean refusing all globalization and exterior commerce, much to the contrary. Globalization is a tool, and if used properly can be beneficial both for the American company and the American worker.

However the semi-religious dogma of absolute globalism, the idea that foreigners are in some way inherently "superior" to Americans and should benefit from economic advantages, is what needs to be fought.

We must accept international exchanges, and even encourage our economic actors to participate and profit from them, but not at any cost. As the protector of the American Nation and of American national interests, the State has a duty to guarantee the integrity of our borders : economic borders, by refusing the globalism and uncontrolled free-trade, and demographic borders, by opposing mass immigration to our Nation.

The Solutions

A bold employment and re-industrialization policy for the American economy cannot be undertaken in isolation from other crucial policies relating to sovereignty, national identity, immigration and the tax system. Rather, we must approach the issue of employment from a holistic perspective with regards to the overall state of our economy.

  1. Establish national preference : Due to their strategic implications and their socioeconomic nature, job offers and market bids must be awarded in priority to American citizens.
  2. Advocate true economic patriotism : The term "economic patriotism" is often negligently thrown around by politicians who want to appear concerned about the state of our economy. But economic patriotism isn't about paying more taxes to foreign banks, rather true economic patriotism is the collective solidarity between all actors of the American economy.
  3. Reform the Chamber of Commerce : While its official role has always been very clear, the Chamber of Commerce has in recent years indulged in practices that far surpass its legal prerogatives, such as lobbying for corporatist health care laws and officially "endorsing" illegal immigration and the relinquishment of our borders. The role of the Chamber of Commerce must remain the protection of American economic interests abroad and the promotion of foreign trade operations that benefits US companies and workers.
  4. Protect the national market against foreign competition : Part of the reason why US companies can't compete abroad is that they are already competing with foreign corporations for the national market. While other countries reserve their national markets for local businesses, both through tariffs, import quotas and an advantageous tax system, the USA does the exact opposite by favoring foreign corporations over national companies. The result is that small and medium size American companies are already at such a disadvantage while competing on their own market that they can't expand abroad, and our trade balance suffers from this lack of offshore expansion. The national market must be reserved in priority to American businesses.
  5. Dismantle statism and end over-regulation : While the protection of the American market is paramount, the role of the State isn't to oversee and regulate every economic initiative. Big government programs and regulatory bureaucracy are obstacles to wealth creation and impose unsustainable costs and useless rigidity on the job market, they must be audited and if their use unproven they must be dismantled.
  6. Abolish the Federal Reserve : After over a century of economic regression, trade deficits financed by government stimulus, bankruptcies, inflation and excessive public debt, the egregious actions of the Federal Reserve and their disastrous results on our economy can no longer be justified by government incompetency alone. The FED is the root of all evil, in the sense that much of the calamities that plague our economy and our society would not have been possible without the FED. Trade deficits, government stimulus, welfare state, bailouts to foreign corporations, demographic submersion via immigration, public deficits and "national" debt, all were made possible by the FED and their monetary creation policy, rebranded "Quantitative Easing". The FED must be abolished and central banking, incompatible with an economy as heterogeneous as that of the United States, must be opposed.
  7. Reserve social protection to American workers : National solidarity and social protection must only be attributed to American workers, and under exceptional circumstances. By allowing a greater freedom of choice for the American contributor and refusing to assist foreign colonists through "social welfare", we increase the quality of social protection, give more control to the American citizen and reduce public spending by eliminating waste in that sector.
  8. Repeal minimum wage laws : Minimum wage laws are a political decoy used by the elites to mask the impoverishment of our nation. The decline in wages precipitated by immigration and free-trade is "hidden" by forcing employers to dismiss those whose productivity is lower then the minimum imposed by law. In practice, minimum wages have no effect on the average salary, exacerbate unemployment and encourage companies to outsource low-paying jobs to foreign countries (for their profits, not ours !).
  9. Prohibit compulsory unionism : The monopoly exerted by labor unions over the job marketplace is a travesty and a fraud against the American worker. Not only do Big Labor unions compromise the economic freedoms of working Americans and their ability to harvest the fruits of their work, they are in reality a tool used by the globalists to accelerate the de-industrialization and the financial bankruptcy of the United States. Labor unions, who pretend to be "pro-worker" despite the majority of American workers opposing their coercive practices, have nonetheless supported policies that go directly against the interests of American workers. Amnesty for illegal immigrants, bailouts to foreign corporations that don't even employ American workers and the expansion of double-standard free-trade "agreements" such as NAFTA have all been routinely advocated by union officials and the puppet candidates they support. Restoring economic freedoms in the job market and repealing unconstitutional infringements that operate under the name of compulsory unionism will allow American workers to decide for themselves what is in their best interest, and in the interest of the nation.
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