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Environment and Cultural Heritage

The environment is the newest justification advanced by the Establishment to further their globalist agenda. While the original concerns about environment degradation and ecology were of nationalist essence, modern environmentalists have hijacked these concepts and transformed them into a "global cause" to justify their plea for a world government.

The Reality

The instrumentalization of environmental causes

Environmental issues have taken a considerable place in our politics, and for good reason. The destruction of life and environment's natural habitats by rampant materialism, a consequence of globalism, has often been aggravated by politics favorable to massive immigration, uncontrolled free-tradism and economic dependency.

The ideology of globalism only sees the American citizen as a "global consumer", deprived of any kind of cultural anchoring or national heritage. It's only natural that this contempt for the American civilization spread to the American culture, the American economy and finally the American environment.

The reality is that the protection of the environment is a nationalist cause, as it seeks to protect all elements of our heritage : culture, civilization, environment, military power, economic interests.

The "Greens" and other modern environmentalists have hijacked these ideals and perverted them with foreignism, third-worldism, immigrant adoration, ethnomasochism and American shame. They resort to catastrophism based on questionable analysis of phenomenons such as greenhouse induced climate change to impose globalist "solutions" that would in practice deprive us of our sovereignty and national identity (world government, carbon taxes, agenda 21).

The globalists want to accelerate the divestiture of our national sovereignty under the guise of environmentalism, all while the real protection of our environment is abandoned by the "Greens" who only seek to impose their communist world government through any rationale available.

Today's environmentalism is less about ecology and more about advocating the promotion of all forms of globalism : international Marxism, uncontrolled immigration, abortion. They call for "humanitarian" wars, encourage illegal immigration and even condone free-trade which has ruined our economy, de-industrialized our nation and raised our unemployment previously never attained levels.

Environmentalists have emptied ecology of its meaning and used environmental concerns as a front to fulfill their anti-American agenda.

The environment : an element of our national identity and civilization

Whereas the very internationalist "Green Movement" is vehemently opposed to any form of American national identity and only sees ecology as a means to promote the anti-American agenda of the New World Order (degrowth, agenda 21, open borders), nationalism is perfectly coherent in its defense of American patrimony.

The desire to preserve our environment is a logical extension of nationalism : the nationalist recognizes our landscapes and natural resources as part of our cultural identity. The United States of America are embodied by a civilization and a people, but also by a cultural heritage : its regions, its fauna, its traditions, its historical sites.

With the expansion of unregulated free-trade and uncontrolled immigration, our environment has been extensively abused and in some cases even colonized by foreign occupants, whether corporate or institutional.

Local cultures and diversity are also under assault by globalist standardization : their admitted goal is total European hegemony. To achieve their goals of cultural and economic imperialism, they are more than willing to sacrifice American patrimony, seen as a threat to the New World Order. The wealth constituted by the diversity of products, landscapes, species and traditions is therefore threatened by globalism and multi-nationalism.

A nation comprised of people with a sense of belonging, an attachment to their national identity and culture, is harder to control than one occupied by "citizens of the world" with no national pride. The globalists understand that, explaining their war against American patriotism and their desire to create a "global consumer", blindly adhering to every progressive cause and highly susceptible to advertising and mass entertainment such as reality television.

The issues of environmental and cultural degradation can only be resolved on national and local levels. Any attempt to institute supranational authorities will only further aggravate the problems.

No environmentalism, but reasonable protections

While the environment is of capital significance in a patriotic society, it must under no circumstances challenge the primacy of the American citizen.

Man is not just an element of the biosphere, and certainly not a "species among others" to be managed and administered.

The protection of the environment should not lead to exclude humans (population reduction, eugenics), infringe on property rights (agenda 21) or be a hindrance to our economic growth (cap and trade, carbon tax).

The zero-growth "post-industrial" idylls of the globalists and other ecofascists are only targeted at the USA. According to the Club of Rome, only the United States should reduce its carbon emissions while the rest of the world could pollute more !

Supranational treaties and international agreements serve only to accelerate the disclaiming of our sovereignty and the forfeiture of our economy to globalist interests.

Re-industrialization, the only realistic environmental project

The only genuine ecology is the re-industrialization of our nation and the relocation of production sites in America, two projects advocated by the nationalists (and vehemently opposed by the "environmentalists").

This is by far the biggest hypocrisy of the "Greens", who support anti-growth measures that would ravage our economy and offer very little environmental benefits, all while encouraging free-trade and the massive importation of goods manufactured thousands of miles from where they are purchased (cargo transports account for over 40% of total CO2 emissions).

Cap and Trade laws are particularly useless in combating pollution and carbon dioxide emissions, as they serve to inhibit economic growth and national production while failing to take transportation costs into account.

As long as the Republican and Democratic parties, as well as their Libertarian and Green satellites in the "independent" system, continue to support, enact and implement policies that stifle local production in favor of foreign interests, these environmental issues will continue to be used as decoys for the New World Order.

But of course, it's easier for them to blame the owners of (American) SUVs than to confront the outsourcing lobbies.

Producing nationally and buying American is the only serious solution for our environment and our economy.

The Solutions

As for all aspects of the nationalist platform, changing environmental policies requires the United States government to act according to American national interests rather than forsake its sovereignty to the New World Order.

  1. Reject all supranationality : Modern "environmentalism" serves as a vehicle for the establishment of a New World Order in the hands of the Europeans, all while ignoring the true causes for environmental concern (immigration, free trade, cultural colonization). To maintain control of its environmental policies, the United States must first reclaim its sovereignty and oppose all UN oversight.
  2. Adjust taxation to protect the environment : In many cases it's our fiscal policies and tax code that determines whether the social and environmental impacts of business and the economy. Our current tax codes heavily favors imports and overall activities that are detrimental to jobs, economic growth, the environment and human health. Taxes will not only be lowered but also targeted in a way that favors employment, health, quality of life and protection of nature. Abolishing the income tax and shifting the tax burden from producers to importers by re-establishing economic barriers to unregulated free-trade will also raise the standards of living of the American worker and sanitize our international economic relations.
  3. Establish American food independence : Food independence should be a priority for national security, environment protection and economic stability. The reliance on foreign economies for the very food we eat, while very profitable for the globalists who financially speculate on food prices, is antithetical to national sovereignty and environmental preservation. Backed by the restoration of our borders, American agriculture will strive to cover all national needs and the areas for which we rely on imports.
  4. Attain energy independence : To ensure the long-term energetic independence of the United States, our governments must cease to impose ideologically motivated regulations on American energy producers and prioritize energy exports. Federal, state and local governments will facilitate the emergence of an American energetic potential sufficiently important to cover our domestic needs and those of our clients.
  5. Promote American agriculture and regional products : In opposition with the ultra-consumerist agricultural model of the globalists, in which our food subsistence and our economy is at the mercy of foreign producers, the nationalist program champions the cause of national, regional and local producers. Extensive agriculture and organic farming will also be encouraged as they contribute to our food independence and agricultural exports without resorting to chemicals products that brutalize the environment and affect human health.
  6. Accompany the re-industrialization of the economy: The complete re-industrialization of our economy is the only realistic long-term solution for environment preservation. The federal government should accompany re-industrialization and facilitate the re-emergence of American manufacturing, only guarantor of a strong economic fabric and a reduction in pollution due to importation transports.
  7. Enforce private property rights : Private property rights are the foundation of liberty and the American civilization. Any expropriation or infringement on private property rights, whatever the moral justification advanced (environment, "social justice", UNESCO mandate, agenda 21), must be opposed as private property is not only necessary to a free society, it's also a covenant for ecology since true environment protection can't exist in the absence of property rights.
  8. End all market distortions : Market distortions, whether through subsidies or government regulations, are an impediment to economic growth and by extension to environment safety. All regulations with the aim of hindering our economic potential or attaining the "zero growth" stone age hailed by the globalists will be repealed.
  9. Limit land ownership by foreigners : Legal provisions will insure proper restriction on the ability for foreign nationals to own land in the United States.
  10. Oppose all "environmental" taxes : Cap & Trade and other "carbon tax" schemes have very little to do with the preservation of the environment, and a lot to do with enriching foreign interests at the expense of the American producer. Current laws must be repealed and all further mandates imposed on us by the UN and their proxies must be denounced and opposed.
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