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Family and Right to Life

Much like the Nation, the American Family is the target of every globalist assault. From supranational UN treaties to media propaganda and political lobbies, the global elites are relentlessly advocating their anti-National and anti-Family agenda in hope of seeing the United States rendered culturally obsolete and demographically castrated.

The Reality

Destruction of the Family, a side-effect globalism

The American family is under global attack, and is almost as vilified as the concept of Nation. Since both Nation and Family are the societal foundations of our civilization, our identity and our collective future, they cannot co-exist with the "New World Order" scheme of the globalists and in their terms must be progressively dismantled.

In reality, the internationalist elites don't want Americans to be patriots with family values and a strong national identity.

It's much easier for them to control a mindless "citizen of the world", devoid of any national heritage or cultural anchoring, born and belonging nowhere, easily influenced by mass culture and consumerism, and hectically jumping from one "progressive cause" to another to feel involved. To create their perfect New Age "global consumer", the internationalists must first eliminate the two main vectors of values, pride and identity : Nation and the Family.

And not content with their continuous campaign against the American Family, through legislative action and partisan judicial rulings, the globalists and their traitorous allies are also pushing for regressive societal models such as child adoption by homosexuals, facilitated abortion procedures and collectivization of parenting duties.

Beyond the structural and cultural damage that these policies have on our society, the anti-Family doctrine has another well-documented goal : the dilution and progressive erasure of the United States within the globalist magma. By limiting American birth rate while concurrently allowing an increasing number of foreign immigrants to live on our soil, the Establishment is pushing for an unspoken demographic replacement.

The gradual implementation of policies hostile to American families and favorable to mass immigration coincide too conveniently for it to be anything else than a deliberate attack on our demography and our national identity.

The American demographic decline

Our leaders no longer believing in the United States of America and its people, they don't see a reason to ensure them a demographic future and will rather choose to halt its growth (acting according to globalist protocols).

The first reason for our demographic decline is of course the state-sponsored refusal of life, of family and of growth. Individual responsibility, national solidarity and strong work ethics are being replaced with collective irresponsibility, short-term gratification and societal dependency, ultimate culmination of the cosmopolitan hippie culture.

Abortion, responsible for over 1 million interrupted pregnancies per year and symbol of the culture of death espoused by the globalists, is being promoted as a "right", financed by taxpayer money and even advertized to minors.

It's not fortuitous that abortion, a brand of eugenics chastely renamed Planned Parenthood, is targeted mainly at White, Black and Native Americans (the three groups that have an American history) while immigrants are encouraged to procreate and breed on our soil (anchor babies). Apparently the "cleaner race" hailed by Margaret Sanger is the hispanic mongrel.

Homosexuality and other deviant lifestyles imposed on the American public are the new norm, and anyone who doesn't adhere to them is labelled a "homophobe" or an "intolerant".

Mono-parental families, while not contributing directly to our demographic decline, are nonetheless a factor of social instability and deprive the child of the essential structure of a family.

The persistence of this demographic deficit, already dangerous to our future in and of itself, is accompanied by the invasion of foreign immigrants who on average have a higher birth rate than American nationals, thanks notably to government assistance.

Generational transitions are no longer guaranteed, serving as an excuse to justify the further elimination of American borders thereby accelerating our demographic extinction.

The Solutions

To preserve America's greatness, we must first preserve the American civilization. And to do so implies to reject all forms of globalism and insure our national prosperity, whether economic, cultural or demographic. Family is not only essential for generational transition, it is also necessary for the transmission of the values, the traditions and the identity of our civilization.

Restoring the American Family must take place on four fronts : social, moral, economic and judicial.

  1. Defend the right to life : The principle of respect of innocent American life is essential to our civilization. Outside of legitimate cases of judicial sanction and in the defense of his own, no one can dispose of the life of another American. Even more so than for moral or religious reasons, abortions infringe on the rights of a third party and subject of American law, the unborn child.
  2. Facilitate the adoption of American children : With so many American children abandoned each year, one would wonder why the government is so eager to promote the adoption of foreigners and third world infants. In reality, it's part of the globalist process of destroying the American Family, and replacing our demography with a foreign population. The adoption of Americans by American families will be encouraged and facilitated, notably by the suppression of disadvantageous and bureaucratic regulations.
  3. Terminate the Child Protective Services : Rather than encourage and support the construction and development of American families, state and federal governments have been financing anti-Family programs such as the Child Protective Service who routinely abduct minors from parents arbitrarily deemed abusive. These foster cares and other social-welfare programs are also responsible for our demographic decline, as they bureaucratize the process of adoption of American children by American families, while facilitating the adoption of foreigners and in some cases even sending abducted children abroad. Furthermore, these services reinforce the socialist idea that the education and instruction of children fall under state authority and require government involvement.
  4. End automatic citizenship for illegals : In the globalist New World Order, American families must no longer be families, and must no longer be American. The automatic granting of citizenship to illegal aliens born on our soil is not only an assault on our national identity and sovereignty, which alone should justify its termination, it's also a factor of social fragility and encourages the creation of unstable families.
  5. Repeal all property taxes : Due to statist government regulations and excessive property taxes, the housing market in its current form is a financial obstacle to the expansion of American families. The most important legislative provision we can implement to alleviate the costs of housing for large families is to repeal the property tax.
  6. Abrogate the Estate tax/Death tax : Economically useless, morally objectionable, and detrimental to the stability and growth of American families, such is the legacy of the Death tax. To encourage the transfer of assets and inheritance within American families, and to combat foreign relocation and capital flight, the Death tax will be abrogated.
  7. Protect traditional marriage from homosexual cults : Laws should only be passed in the interests of the common good, and not take sides with organized homosexual lobbies (less than 4% of the total population, most of which is concentrated in Washington DC). Adoption and marriage are critical societal issues, and as such their use must be reserved to non-deviant couples. Other forms of legal union should be encouraged for those suffering of homosexuality and desiring alternatives to marriage.
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