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Immigration and Border Security

The constant influx of foreign immigrants into the United States, a natural consequence of globalism and open-border policies, raises the question never answered by the elites of its compatibility with American civilization. Integration and assimilation are rejected in favor of a "global identity", a landmark in the globalist war on American national identity.

The Reality

Immigration, a globalist assault on our economy

Immigration is the fundamental point of convergence between between each successive government since the beginning of last century.

Decades after the beginning of the invasion there is still no consistent and firm policy on immigration, despite the country being plagued by an ever increasing influx of illegal immigrants, anti-national communitarian tensions, a manifest refusal of assimilation and the massacre of our national identity.

Whether it's the internationalist left or the cosmopolitan fake-right, confirming the openly globalist stance of the former and contradicting the "tough on immigration" stance of the latter, all proposed social policies converge towards a single doctrine and unassailable horizon : immigration at all costs.

Staging indecent media liturgies to "document" the deportation of one or two families per year to a border that doesn't even exist anymore won't change the reality : there is an omnipresent desire on both sides of the aisle (including the "independents") to see our nation submerged by foreign invaders.

The culprits have been identified but the motives remain unclear. Why such an hysterical devotion to mass immigration ? What would justify for a nation like the United States, overwhelmed with debt and facing rampant unemployment, to open its borders to all four corners of the world and persist in doing so even during times of unprecedentedly severe recession ?

The state of collective ethnomasochism resulting from both decades of antiracist media propaganda and the political pressure applied by sectarian lobbies, avatars of an institutionalized cosmopolitanism, are irrefutably to blame. But there is also another reason, immigration is an economic instrument of the globalist New World Order.

All immigration, legal or not, has for main economic objective to exert a downward pressure on wages. This is how it serves the social and economic components of the globalist project. What can be outsourced progressively is, compelled by free-tradism, and that which cannot be, for either technical reasons or because of local implantation requirements, is subjected to massive immigration.

While it doesn't officially destroy American jobs like delocalizations, the purpose is the same and the results are similar. Immigration is in fact nothing more than a form of "domestic outsourcing" : it's not the American factory that moves to foreign countries, it's the foreign worker that we bring to our soil to compete with American workers and ultimately maintain low wages.

A common sophism of the political Establishment and their media lackeys is to claim that immigration is needed to provide labor for the unattractive sectors of our economy, often manual jobs, that lack a consistent workforce. This type of reasoning is intellectually dishonest and fallacious to the extreme.

It fails to acknowledge the fundamental reason why manual labor is so unattractive : the low wages they offer.

It's precisely because there is a constant flow of unskilled immigrant workers that the offer of these low-paying jobs is always met. The vicious cycle will continue as long as the immigration problems isn't addressed : employers will never revalorize low-end and manual labor jobs, and much less adjust their wages, as long as they have an endless supply of unskilled workers hailing from the "immigration reserve". And of course the Establishment and their hyper-globalist think tanks will continue to claim that more immigration is necessary, rinse and repeat.

The economic ailments caused by immigration go even further than that. Many immigrants, both legal and illegal, come into the United States with no desire to work or contribute to the economy. These immigrants are only present to benefit from the opulence of the welfare state, which isn't complicated given the preferentially foreign attribution of public assistance programs and social benefits.

The welfare money will then almost inexorably end up in the economy of the countries from which the welfare recipients migrated : Mexico, Honduras, Haiti, but also Asia, Europe and the rest of Latin America.

As surreal as it seems, our governments are asking of the American taxpayer to not only compete with immigrants workers, but also to finance their original countries and assist in the development of their economies. To this unabashed racket of the American taxpayer we must add the aberration of foreign aid : once again the concept is the same, the globalists want the American citizen to finance foreign countries with his wealth and labor.

The political Left is of course the biggest offender when it comes to glorifying immigration. The hypocrisy of claiming to defend workers and the middle-class while working behind the scenes to dismantle our borders even further and expand the globalist "free-trade utopia" is unrivaled (even the corporate fake-Right at least has the decency to admit their disdain for American workers).

The cosmopolitan internationalists, as followers of a fanatic veneration of the "undocumented resident", make up the vanguard of the globalist project in the sense that they are the hysterical harbingers of the process by which - from an inept storytelling, misleadingly disguised as social progress - the globalist class can replace the American demography with an alien population, politically obedient and historically immature, whose only horizon is communitarian anti-nationalism.

Everything is done to destroy any barrier to ultimate open border economics, and immigration is nothing more than generalized free-trade : after products and services, globalization has now spread to human resources as well.

Immigration, a globalist assault on our national identity

Immigration is also a globalist instrument from another perspective, national identity.

By imposing multi-nationalism on the American people, an inevitable result of mass immigration, the globalists seek to disrupt our cultural anchoring and weaken our collective consciousness. American national identity is the last bulwark against the globalist utopia of a European controlled "world village", in which the American citizen has little place aside from being a "global consumer", whose identity and convictions are interchangeable with those of any sheep from the herd.

Immigration has soothed the transition of the United States into the New World Order. From a Constitutional Republic, composed of an independent people proud of their civilization and attached to their freedom and heritage, it became nothing more than a "residential territory" amongst others, with no culture, no identity, no message, and with a population so allogeneic and dependent that communitarian conflicts are not only inevitable, they by their existence shape the political stage.

Americans are of course summoned to welcome this new multi-national society. Those who dare deplore the loss of their freedoms or voice any objection to the destruction of their national identity are obviously reactionary philistines, far too "wacist" and "bigoted" to grasp the virtues of the global melting pot.

The loss of civilization, individual freedom, national identity and property rights are acceptable sacrifices for those who see "human progress" as the quintessence of societal evolution.

As always, anytime the elites need to hide behind "human progress" and other meaningless media-friendly buzzwords, you can be sure the policies they defend aren't in the interests of the American people.

Beyond the continuous economic problems it engenders, immigration is also a weapon used against national identity : by accelerating the advent of ethnic communitarianism, immigration disrupts collective solidarity (of which the welfare state is the globalist counterfeit), encourages internationalist sectarianism and ultimately leads to the weakening of the collective identity of the nation.

The cult of never ending immigration, which as we have seen serves the financial interests of the transnational elites, was facilitated by the political involvement of supposedly anti-racist organizations (naming them is superfluous), moral safeguards of an ideology difficult to sell to the public. The goal of these parasitic associations is merely to sell the anti-racist agenda and accelerate the ceding of US sovereignty.

They have never ceased to stigmatize political initiatives going against the status quo of absolute open borders or challenging the cult of immigration, likening them to racism. That hypocrisy alone proves that the goals of these anti-racist associations, closely linked to political parties from the Establishment, go well beyond their official purpose.

To defend immigration is to demand of our poorest fellow citizens to share living standards with those in some cases even poorer than them, in a downward spiral that only leads to more poverty, more dependency and of course supranational totalitarianism in the name of "social justice".

Furthermore, the hysterical adulators of the "undocumented" (a convenient term to designate those who entered the country without visa, thus in violation of the law, if I recall) are accomplices of the criminal war waged by the globalists against American national identity.

Immigration, a globalist assault on our sovereignty

Parallels can often be made between free-trade and immigration. While the indiscriminate opening of economic borders and the admission on our soil of alien populations seem to belong to two different logics, the first mostly economical and the second rather ideological, they in fact emanate from the same source and concur to the same end : the disappearance of the United States as an autonomous historical entity.

The presence and growth of foreign settlements, backed by very favorable legislative and social arrangements and delirious ethnomasochistic propaganda campaigns, in the name of "diversity" and "antiracism" as always, pose a lethal threat to our national sovereignty.

The programmed demographic invasion, an essential component of globalism, has been further accelerated by several policies with internationalist aspirations. Among these we can point out :

- The automatic granting of citizenship for immigrants and children of immigrants (anchor babies) on the sole criterion of residency, used to trivialize American citizenship and foster cosmopolitanism in the form of multi-nationality.

- Affirmative Action, which in practice often translates into imposing mandatory foreign preference, is also built on lies : it has neither resulted in "social equality" nor has it improved integration. It is however a policy of exclusion for American citizens in their own country.

- Amnesty and other forms of regularization, that create "paper citizens" who openly reject American values but profit from their acquired citizenship.

- Finally, the refusal to implement Voter ID laws has shaken the restrictive link between voting rights and nationality, while serving as a stepping stone towards "global citizenship".

All these disposition, of which the implementation has been facilitated by decades of anti-racist media propaganda, have for hidden goal the submersion of the American people by mass immigration and the destruction of American sovereignty.

The results are of course a growing number of paper citizens, American with regards to the law but who consider themselves "hyphenated Americans", or sometimes not even American at all. The explosion of "group rights", internationalism and communitarian conflicts find their source in this demographic submersion.

Even the well-intentioned immigrants are often lost in the process of assimilation. How can they integrate themselves to a civilization that rejects its own culture ? How can they adopt American principles when they see our own leaders openly demonstrating their hostility to national values, and their adherence to globalism ?

The other intended repercussion of this situation is the presence of "bi-nationals" or "multi-nationals" on our soil : while officially American according to American law, they are also Mexican, Venezuelan, Vietnamese, according to the laws of these countries. The presence of these multi-national residents, who often express no desire to integrate themselves and almost always place their ethnic or communitarian affiliation over national attachment to the United States, is used as the front line for the progression of the globalist cause by attacking our identity, our culture, and most importantly our sovereignty and national independence.

Allowing immigrants to influence our American internal policies inevitably leads the States from which these immigrants originate to influence our policy making as well, whether domestic or international. Would we still go to war against our interests in the Middle-East, and give billions of taxpayer money in foreign aid to that region, if it weren't for a certain ethnically homogeneous lobby very close to the White House (and the financial sector) ?

Mass immigration also forces the United States to take sides in conflicts in which it has no reason to be involved : Middle-East, Palestine, Iran, Eastern Europe, Asia, African nations...

Rather than a proud and independent country where each community, beyond their legitimate differences, work towards national continuity and the advancement of American national interests, we chose to become nothing more than a "global territory", devoid of any values or identity, where each group competes to get more benefits and privileges than the others, weakening even more what is left of national cohesion in the process.

That is of course the plan of the globalists : any potential threat to European hegemony is weakened by immigration, open border de-industrialization and international socialism (and all the "-isms" that follow : feminism, environmentalism, cosmopolitanism, liberalism, communitarianism...). Of course the globalists don't apply their poisons on their own countries, so to speak. They pretend it's an "international phenomenon", a spontaneous and universal evolution towards "global human progress", when in fact it's simply the result of a deliberate and targeted political subversion.

Many Establishment politicians and media pundits will try to justify this double-standard by saying that "the United States was built on immigration", referring to the fact that nations on the American continent were mostly populated during the Colonial era and soon after, and that as a "new country" the United States has a duty to accept all immigrants. These claims is purely fallacious : the United States is the fifth oldest Republic in the world (1789), if it's a "new country" then so are the are the others that followed. Furthermore, all countries were "built on immigration" at some point or another, and we know for a fact that all countries aren't subjected to the globalist weapon of immigration (particularly not the state of Israel, very involved in the US immigration lobby but founded in 1948 !).

Either we accept ourselves as a nation with vital interests to protect, such as our sovereignty and our border integrity, or we keep considering ourselves a mere territory of residence, forever open to the four corners of the world, ruled by ethnic lobbies and subject to every globalist injunction.

The Solutions

The presence on American territory of a massive number of immigrant aliens, who often privilege their communitarian affiliation over assimilation to the American society, poses a long term threat to several aspects of our national continuity (civilization, economy, culture, identity, sovereignty and even politics). Trying to "fix" these issues separately without addressing the core problem of immigration is absolute demagogy, and serves no purpose other than to deceive the American electorate. For the United States to prosper as a nation and a civilization, it is essential for Americans to remain sovereign and in control of their territory.

  1. End all illegal immigration : Illegal immigration is an assault on US sovereignty and a disrespect for American law. Why should we believe the media narrative that parrots the tale of illegal aliens "just wanting to becoming Americans" when they don't even respect American laws or American borders, and ostensibly display their foreign affiliation ? All illegal immigration must end, through improved border enforcement, stricter immigration laws and severe sanctions for offenders.
  2. Abolish "birthright" citizenship : Naturalization is the only valid way to acquire the US nationality, all other legal means including "birthright" and jus soli citizenship will be abolished, as they are in every single developed country in the world. Naturalization can only be obtained after verification of the assimilation of the candidate and after decision of the State (exceptions will be made for business owners that employ a consequential number of American workers and those having served in the US armed forces).
  3. Greatly reduce the flow of legal immigration : Many globalist politicians try to deceive the American public by talking solely about illegal immigration, and ignoring all the problems of legal immigration. They can be as "tough" as they want on illegals, it is no more than demagogy if they don't address legal immigration. Legal immigration of all form, including work and student visas, must be drastically reduced.
  4. Stop amnesty and enforce current immigration laws : To enact amnesty for aliens is to reward those who enter the United States illegally, at the expense of legal immigrants and especially American nationals. It is also setting the wrong example for other immigrants : how can they respect American laws when the Justice system and the executive branch themselves make "exceptions" to these laws for certain groups ? All amnesty programs will be terminated and future amnesties will be prohibited.
  5. Effectively deport all illegal aliens : Any illegal immigrant will be fined and deported to his country of origin. During the time between his arrest and his expulsion, he will be placed in prison with mandatory penal labor. Airlines, carriers and those who facilitated the entry of illegal immigrants in the United States will be hit with heavy economic sanctions. Similarly, employers of illegal aliens will be severely punished.
  6. Enforce Voting ID laws : By refusing to apply Voting ID laws in the United States, an electoral precaution applied everywhere else (even in the original countries of the migrants), the Establishment is dispossessing the right of the American people to self-determination in the name of the anti-racist sacred cow.
  7. Eliminate the Visa Lottery program : There are little government programs as detrimental to the prestige of US citizenship and to American national identity than the "Visa Lottery", which grants up to 55,000 permanent resident visas a year to foreign nationals (who get to keep their other nationalities as well). All visa lotteries and similar programs will be abolished.
  8. Reform the welfare state and reserve social programs to American nationals : Immigration not only aggravates poverty through wage depreciation, it also causes a drain on our economy in the form of welfare and government assistance. To make things worse, the money often ends up in foreign economies. In other words, we are subsidizing the development of the very countries that submerge us with their immigrants. The welfare state must be deeply reformed, and any form of social compensation or government program must be reserved exclusively to the American national.
  9. Prohibit dual citizenship and multi-nationality : While the idea of multi-nationalism is very alluring to the cosmopolites, in effect it only leads to foreign subversion, an anti-national sentiment and exacerbated communitarianism. Current dual citizens must choose : either they remain American and renounce their other nationality, or they abandon American citizenship and face expulsion.
  10. Restore absolute American sovereignty : Treaties that impede on the right of Americans to self-determination, that impose absolute open borders or that require the transfer US immigration and visa policies to supranational authorities will be denounced and rejected. Under no circumstance should the United States cede its right to determine who can enter its territory to foreign affiliated organizations.
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