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The United States of America is the superior nation.

Where other civilizations have risen and fallen, the United States has always thrived in staying true to its principles : liberty, sovereignty and prosperity. Even during times of unprecedented chaos, sufficient in magnitude to exhaust the splendor of many other civilizations hailed as models, the United States alone has fought reclaim its glory and rise back to preeminence.

Not even the lowest depths of history can prevent the superior American Nation from reaching the highest peaks it rightfully deserves. With all extreme situations it has ever had to face, the United States has constantly retaliated, with strength, pride, honor and courage, and has overcome all obstacles in its way to greatness.

No one can deny that our country is currently going through one of the aforementioned extreme situations. We can choose to continue down the road of dependency, which only leads to more servitude and poverty. Or we can turn this bad pass, as we have successfully done so many times over the course of our history, into an opportunity for growth.

Making mistakes is natural and can even be profitable. We can come back stronger, freer and more prosperous than ever before but it requires a sense of awareness and responsibility. If making mistakes is the sign of learning, making the same mistake continuously for nearly a century is the sign of something else entirely.

Globalism is a mistake. The choices of internationalism, self-hate and capitulation to foreign lobbies are symptoms significative of a nation being ruled by traitors and cosmopolitans. The absolute relinquishment of our borders in the name of some misunderstood "universalism" is the root cause of many of the issues we encounter today, and it's the reason we face crisis after crisis, recession after recession.

The American people are told to get used to it. Whatever party is in charge and whoever occupies the White House, there is always some sort of grandiloquent justification, often found in the predecessors of the current administration, for the failures to address the problems Americans want resolved.

And since the policies applied by our leaders are invariably the same, independently of political echelon or party affiliation, this "blame game" of staged political oppositions between two or more factions is a convenient way to keep the wheel spinning.

A crisis that lasts several decades is more than a downturn, it's an entire political system. The latest "recession" is just one of many manifestations of an ideology that puts the interests of subversive foreign entities over those of American nationals.

The recessions are presented either as some inexorable fatality, a celestial malediction beyond anyone's control, or as the natural results of the seven sins of the American people : too greedy according to the Left, too lazy according to the Right, too reactionary according to charlatan pseudo-progressives, but at fault somehow according to everyone on the political spectrum.

Blaming the United States and promoting American guilt is, as we will see, a critical component of the globalist agenda. Making American nationals ashamed of their origins and their civilization is necessary to transform them into consumerist debt-slaves, with no culture or identity, obedient to the global elites and subservient to the commercial injunctions of advertisers and foreign corporations. In other words, it's necessary for the accomplishment of the globalist project.

Because if the recession has proven to be devastating for American citizens, having seen their jobs outsourced, their wages continuously lowered, their taxes raised, their borders dismantled and their fundamental rights impeded upon, the same cannot be said for the "international cabal". The current crisis is not only willfully manufactured in its entirety, it's also used by the global elites as leverage to radicalize the Euro-Zionist agenda.

Not only do they deliberately create the issues we face today, whether economic, social or societal, but they will use the very consequences of their errors to further their internationalist project. Even today, after decades of exposed lies and documented corruption, many constituents are still deceived either by conformity, normalcy or sometimes by stupidity.

If you are reading this paragraph, you are probably not one of those easily swayed or otherwise manipulated by mainstream media conditioning. By the mere act of opening this book, whether by curiosity, good judgement or intellectual honesty, you are now closer to the truth than the vast majority of the dumbed-down masses, who are either involuntarily part of the system or who complacently refuse to move beyond the staged and played out Right/Left opposition.

Transgressing the "anti-racist" hysterical reactions that accompany any form of debate that doesn't sanctimoniously adhere to the politically correct gospel is the first step to restoring common sense to the political arena.

This is precisely the purpose of this book.

A sound political future for the United States can only be envisioned provided we reject all forms of globalist or internationalist subversion and renew with our civilization. Confidence in the American people, preservation of our national interests and sovereignty and respect for our rights and collective identity : those must be the pillars of the rebirth of the United States.

This book is indeed intended to help every American navigate beyond the confined politically correct talking points parroted by the media and fully take control of the future of his Nation. But more than anyone, this book was written for the entrepreneurs, the low-wage workers, the employees, the students, the business owners, the middle class, the short or long-term unemployed. For those that the media never mentions, or only to deride, for those attached to their roots and cultural identity, for those that reject the cult of transnational hypernomadism, for those who gained nothing out of globalization, and sometimes even lost everything, for those who now feel oppressed by an omnipotent political caste. These forgotten, anonymous, deliberately maintained invisible citizens, those whose very identity is threatened to be diluted in waves of massive and disruptive immigration, those whose only purpose now seems to be to exist as an ethnically indistinct "global consumer" for foreign corporations, those contemptuously called "the public" by the international elites and their media conglomerates, they are the ones that desperately need an alternative to the current anti-national system.

The American Nationalist Solution is about restoring the United States in its natural role of free, prosperous and independent nation, led by its only sovereign : the American people (and not foreign financial institutions).

A proud, conquering and prosperous United States can still exist, it needs not be built on the negation of anything (anti-capitalism, anti-feminism, anti-zionism or anti-whatever) and we certainly don't need to look for models in other cultures. It needs not be built, or rebuilt, as the opposite and much less as the replica of anything else.

We are Americans, our civilization is more than exceptional, it's time we acknowledge it and rebuild our Republic the way it's supposed to be, at our image and free from alien influence.

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