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American education in its current form is a complete disaster : the sentiment is shared by many of our compatriots, regardless of their political affiliation, and even by government officials who begin to realize the extent of the mess their policies have engendered. Once more, the reason for this disaster is not so much to be found in incompetence or in unfortunate bad decisions, but rather in a planned and deliberate attack on American society by the globalists.

The Reality

Education, another failure of the Left

With over 70 billion dollars squandered each year on "education" and having the second highest OECD spending per student ratio, one would think that the American schooling system would at least produce semi-decent results.

Beyond the ever-increasing budget allocated to a sector for which the federal government has little, if any, constitutional legitimacy, and despite the shallow mantras vehemently clamored at every State of the Union address ("For the Children"), the Left can no longer hide the fact that their centralized educational system is nothing more than another failure of their acclaimed ideology.

Since 1979, the socialist left has completely bankrupted what was already a problematic educational system, but they are far from being the only culprits. The (anti-)Republican fake right has approved, relayed and sometimes even preceded their attempts to transform schools into globalist indoctrination camps.

American education doesn't ensure the proper preparation of students to face the business world, let alone entrepreneurship. The disparities between what is taught and what is expected in the private sector have become so evident that employers now face a shortage of highly skilled workers... despite graduate unemployment being record high. Tutorships, homeschooling and direct corporate formations, only alternatives to the bureaucratic "school system", have been nearly outlawed by federal laws.

Higher education isn't sheltered from socialist decadence either : prevented by ideological mandates (affirmative action) from practicing aptitude based selection, universities and colleges are suffocating under the self-imposed "foreign preference" dictated by the federal government.

There are of course many students who succeed, many teachers who transmit quality knowledge and many classrooms that refuse the single-thought doctrine of "common core" propaganda. But these successes are the product of individual efforts and are more often than not hindered by the education system, if not directly opposed by it.

As in many other aspects of our policies, the American education disaster has less to do with fatality or incidental bad decisions than with the careful and deliberate destruction of our intelligences and our identity by the globalists.

A deliberate globalist sabotage of American intelligences

Against the best interests of students, parents and teachers, the Establishment has turned a blind eye and even in some cases encouraged the political subversion of our education system by left-wing career bureaucrats and international socialist teacher unions.

The official goal of "Common Core" and "No Child Left Behind", the new globalist education agendas, is the "democratization of school". In a purely Marxist fashion, the Establishment wants absolute equality even if that means sacrificing freedom and efficiency. And since Americans can't all be equality intelligent, they want us all equally stupid.

But the tacit, long-term goals of these education agendas are cause for even greater concern.

Under these subversive projects (promoted by UNESCO), the aims of "public education" cease to be the transmission and acquisition of knowledge and become closer to those of indoctrination and willful intellectual diminishment.

The teacher must no longer encourage the development of hard work and intellectual reasoning, and rather be an entertainer and at best a "witness" of student's learning.

Hard work, merit and recognition must be evacuated in favor of tolerance, anti-racism, "diversity" and of course absolute equality in anything and everything. Competition is by nature discriminatory (which is "wacist"), so it must be discouraged in order to create a servile mass, complacent in mediocrity and easily influenced by collectivist utopias.

History and geography are heavily revised in order to fit the globalist agenda. Always following the same patter, the glorification of the foreign and the diabolization of the United States. America (the bad) is resumed to slavery, and Europe (the good) is resumed to the Renaissance.

Of course not all teachers are responsible for the pedagogic subversion of our education system. In fact many teachers are horrified by the methods imposed on them by the Department of Education and other globalist affiliated unions, and would desire nothing more than to stop being the facilitators of globalist indoctrination.

The intentional dumbing down of the population through the education system is doubly beneficial for the globalists. Not only does it create a idiotic voter base, incapable of understanding anything but the most vacuous and demagogic concepts (the Democratic platform), it also serves to form a docile and dependent class, capable of little critical thinking beyond the minimal necessary requirements to function in society, with no cultural or national attachments, and ready to obey the global elites.

Affirmative Action, the institutionalization of foreign preference

Affirmative Action laws are said to be necessary for diversity in our politics, but the true goals of these programs are precisely to limit diversity and maintain the American society under globalist regime.

Diversity means pluralism in actions and theories, which goes directly against the single-thought doctrine of political correctness imposed on us by the globalists and their proxies. It's not by giving social advantages to certain categories of population based on ethnic criteria that we will diversify our policies.

We will have real diversity when our governments, schools and media cease to be populated exclusively by communist hippies, lawyers and "community organizers", and are once again run by entrepreneurs, workers and business owners. Until then, we will have elites of different origins but with the same ideas. The absence of political diversity, just as the suppression of American intelligences, is necessary for the proliferation of globalism. Affirmative Action laws serve as means to do both.

But the disruptive aims of Affirmative Action go beyond communist social engineering. They use "positive discrimination" coupled with uncontrolled immigration as cultural weapons to destroy our national identity.

The globalists and left-wing collaborators play on the absence of distinction made between autochthonous populations (early white migrants, native Americans, descendants of black slaves) and the recent immigrants who for the most part do not share our history or our culture. In practice, the latter will be systematically favored by Affirmative Action, while the former will be blamed for the consequences of these laws.

Not only do Affirmative Action of other racial quotas create distortion in the market, discourage merit, encourage dependency and promote anti-republican tribal communautarianisms, they also serve as the main outlet for demographic replacement and de-industrialization : by institutionalizing foreign preference in academics and higher education, more foreigners are formed at both the social and financial expense of Americans (government tuition, student loans). This in turns facilitates unemployment, offshoring, capital flight and the overall destruction of our economy when the highly skilled foreigners return to their original countries... all while the unskilled parts of the foreign population can remain here thanks our social welfare programs, once again at the expense of Americans.

Finally, Affirmative Action is detrimental even to the populations it's allegedly supposed to protect. Americans part of what the Left calls "ethnic minorities" that succeed based on their work and efforts face amalgamation with those who profited from ethnic quotas and other academic handouts.

The Solutions

For American education to be once again efficient and affordable, it must brake free from the grip of internationalist government agencies (Department of Education) and alien organizations (UNESCO, UN).

  1. Restore school choices : School choices are an issue that must be resolved between parents, students and each individual school. It is not the duty of career bureaucrats to establish mandates or quotas, for ideological or "anti-racist" motives.
  2. Liberate schools from socialist ideologies : The vocation of schools is not to educate children in place of the parents, and certainly not against them. Schools exist to provide instruction, the teaching of knowledge, and should only accompany the development of students by teaching civic values : patriotism, hard work, national heritage. Any attempts at ideological manipulation or indoctrination of students by teachers will be severely punished.
  3. Liberate schools from immigration : The principle of American preference must be applied in all education institutions. No teacher will be able to exercise without American nationality and scholarships will be given in priority to American students. The federal government will be prohibited from giving tax incentives or other credits to foreign students, particularly those susceptible to return to their countries once their formation (at our cost) has been completed.
  4. End all Affirmative Action : The idea of favoring certain groups of population based on their ethnicity or their race rather than their merit is not only profoundly racist in theory, which goes against the official goal of Affirmative Action (allegedly to combat racism), it also serves in practice to favor foreigners over Americans. Affirmative Action and ethnic quota laws must be abolished and replaced with national preference.
  5. Support the transmission of our national heritage : The role of our education policy is twofold. It must first insure a proper instruction of necessary academic knowledge, and it must also assist in the transmission of the heritage that supports our civilization and national identity. The teachings of history, arts, cultures, but also languages and literature will focus on the American civilization rather than blindly follow the globalist lead of foreign institutions such as the UNESCO, who use internationalism to precipitate the destruction of our culture and identity.
  6. Champion excellence and competition : There is no bigger social injustice than to impose egalitarianism on all citizens, particularly when it comes to education. The "democratization of school", through Common Core, No Child Left Behind and similar initiatives, has created a society that turns its back on merit, and favors the lowest common denominator over efficiency and hard work. To allow selection by merit is to allow American education to excel once again in all aspects. Schools and academies will therefore define themselves, under the guidance of national interest, the requirements for the admission of students.
  7. Abolish the Department of Education : Nothing symbolizes the culture of centralized propaganda like the Department of Education, created in 1979 by globalist Jimmy Carter to facilitate the promulgation of a socialist agenda in scholarship and to reward teacher unions for their support in the 1976 election. The Department of Education, both inefficient, costly and subversive, is perilous to our national identity and our education system and must be abolish. Abolishing this Department and to a larger extend all government central planning is the only pro-education choice.
  8. Dismantle internationalist teacher unions : Parasitic teacher unions have proven to be useless, harmful to education and, to a large extent, responsible for the school disaster in our country. To restore independence and efficient to the education system, and to the teaching profession, teacher unions will be dismantled.
  9. Allow private education initiatives : Private education initiatives are often hindered, if not rendered impossible, by bureaucratic central planning and government regulation. Mandates don't assure education quality but stifle innovation and creativity while imposing an undesired conformism on the whole country, exactly what the Establishment needs to promulgate the single-thought doctrine of globalism. The participation of American students in private education initiatives will be allowed and encouraged.
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