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Sovereignty and Foreign Policy

Sovereignty is to our nation what freedom is to individuals, the ability to choose our own fate and decide our future. The globalists, who despite both our individual freedoms and our national sovereignty, want to transform us into a "global region" with no culture or identity. At the same time, they are using our military and controlling our foreign policy implementations to serve their own goals.

The Reality

Foreignism, the dissolution of the United States in the New World Order

Throughout the twentieth century and well beyond, there has been a constant desire of the Establishment to neglect our national interests and dissolve our nation in a "global union", under world governance of course.

Woodrow Wilson and his League of Nations debacle were only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to government treason, and merely laid the ground for the total abandonment of our national sovereignty in favor of "world causes" that we experience today. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, and it has only become more apparent since then, we are no longer in control of our national defense and foreign policy.

Between the irrational prostration of our governments before the state of Israel (a European colony in the Middle East), the constant siding with European interests (Marshall Plan following WWII, siding with the European-backed Ayatollah over the Shah in Iran, involvement in Vietnam), the refusal to secure our borders and the foreign aid to enemy nations, the American foreign policy has been dictated by anything but our national interests.

Some may wonder why, in this time of great geopolitical instability, our leaders are so desperate to use our supposedly "national" armed forces to the advancement of causes that are not ours. Indeed, whatever happens and whoever is in the White House, there has always been one constant : the systematic and almost militant alignment of our foreign policy on the interests of the Europeans.

Beyond the messianic adoration of the Foreign taught to us by the media and the marxist educational system, the reason for their treason is simple : our leaders are European puppets. Even those who aren't completely controlled by European interests are guilty by their complacency in dependence and subordination. One way or the other, by treason or by cowardice, our leaders have done the exact opposite of what is needed to maintain our sovereignty, our freedom and to protect our vital interests as a nation.

They prefer the blind comfort of submission to the uncertainty of independence. They would rather to be mere administrators, telegraphists reveling in the diffusion of the euro-Zionist gospel, than true leaders seeking what is best for our nation.

In fact, many of them are nostalgic of the pre-Revolution era, in which public officials didn't have to think about protecting our interests, their only duty being transcription of what was dictated to them by a government entity (preferably foreign).

This complacency in submission, coupled with a doctrinal devotion to the Foreign, has led us down the path of globalism and has planted the seeds of the abandonment of our sovereignty, and of our future as a nation.

To this delusion of world government we've relinquished our empire, our borders, our freedoms, our rights, our identity, our prosperity, a large part of our industry, our currency, and soon, if we don't take drastic action to stop this globalist invasion, what is left of our sovereignty.

Alignment on our enemies, the foreign policy of weakness

Under the impulsion of globalism and the desire to see the United States relegated to a protectorate of Europe, our successive governments have chosen a predetermined and intentionally pernicious strategy for our foreign policy and national defense : the abandonment of our interests, the alienation of our allies, the alignment on our enemies.

Our military, supposed to defend our interests and protect our nation, is now used as "humanitarian" cattle in overseas nation building or in the protection of foreign countries. This is not the purpose of the US military. Not to mention that our military technology is know almost exclusively developed by foreign corporations.

And when incidents inevitably happen, given the circumstances we impose on our soldiers, they serve as a convenient excuse to blame our military... when the globalist Establishment, the real culprits of our military adventurism abroad, can play the card of "appeasement" to preserve their diplomatic image of peacekeepers.

What have we to show after decades of capitulation to every foreign demand ? Debt, war casualties, broken families and the unprecedented enrichment of our enemies.

America disarmed against its enemies

The policies of "appeasement" and apology have clearly failed. Despite over 50 billion spent each year in direct foreign aid, we are still the target of international terrorism and rampant anti-Americanism.

Rather than foolishly wasting taxpayer money financing countries that officially consider us their enemy, we must clearly define the nations that are hostile to our interests and could pose a national security threat.

Those are as follows.

The European Nations

Between the image given by the "American" media of Europe and the reality, there are several worlds of difference. Europe is not the haven of tolerance and peace that the globalist propaganda wants you to believe, on the contrary.

Europe was built on colonization. And while they "officially" halted their hegemonic expansion programs, these continue covertly and under different names. When it's not outright physical dispossession of land (UNESCO, Israel), the Europeans will conduct cultural and economic annexation... while their own cultures and economies are well protected behind trade barriers, protectionism and other legislative arsenals destined to avoid their own territories to become casualties of their own imperialism.

Rather than expressing strategic concerns towards their actions, our governments have found nothing better than to systematically align our foreign policy on their interests, which often resulted in our involvement in conflicts that didn't concern us. This covert political prostitution of our military resources to the Europeans is not fortuitous, and benefits them in three ways.

First, by use they can make of our armed forces. They don't need to worry as much about the war casualties if these are American soldiers fighting under the NATO banner rather than their own troops.

Secondly, by the unconditional transfer of our military technology to European states. Even when some of these nations remain hostile to our interests, we continue to finance their defense programs and subsidize their defense industries.

And finally, by using American financial and human resources to further their agenda, they can hide behind the convenient "ally" of Washington and let Americans be blamed for their actions.

This last point is essential to understanding the foreign policy of Europe. Through the UN and other "impartial" international organizations, the European globalists can further their geopolitical agenda without arousing suspicion from the rest of the international community. Nearly all NATO armed forces are American soldiers, and their military and civilian financing is almost exclusively at the charge of American taxpayers. Yet, the actions of NATO remain unconditionally under European command (every Secretary General has been European).

For the past century there has not been one armed conflict in which we were involved, often against our will and our interests, that didn't benefit Europe in some way.

The goal of the New World Order is to have the United States completely vassalized by the European Union, and to use its own military to further their interests.


Israel is a proxy state of the Europeans in the Middle East, and as such we should have reasonable suspicion with regards to their activity. Furthermore, the globalist lobbies associated with political Zionism have infiltrated every aspect of our society and represent for our sovereignty a particularly virulent peril.

The Zionists are Europeans using the Jewish religion as a front to expand their covert empire in the Middle East, and elsewhere. They intentionally use the perceived prosecution of Jewish communities to label anyone opposing their colonization efforts as "anti-Semite", despite the fact that they have no racial link to the Semite ethnicity (the Ashkenazi aren't descendants of the tribes of Judea but simply European mongrels).

Far too often the American congress has behaved like a subcommittee of the Israeli parliament, and acted against the interests of the American people in favor of an organized lobby that has no place in this country.

The American government should not be pro-Israel, no more than it should be pro-Palestine. The role of the American government is to be pro-American, and pro-American only. Alliances can be formed, military cooperation can be established, but the unconditional yearly 5 billion dollars offered in aid to a state that has no historical or geographical legitimacy, and who's interests often go against our own, is well beyond what we would a from geopolitical alliance.

Islamic States

Islamic states of the Middle East and elsewhere represent a potential threat to our national security, both by the proselytistic pretensions of its adherents, exacerbated by violent ethnic conflicts, and the demographic submersion it creates.

The Islamic religion makes no distinction between temporal and spiritual power, raising the question of compatibility with the American civilization.

In the same way as globalism and international communism, Islam wants to unite all believers, wherever they reside, in a transnational community (Ummah). This cosmopolitan vision, while very appealing to the globalists, interferes with the geopolitical realities of nation-states.

This ongoing commitment to unifying Muslim communities is manifested both in international and domestic policies, the latter by the formation of Muslim communities in our territories, and goes against the concept of national independence. The threats to are national independence are further accentuated by the important migration of Muslims to the United States, the rejection of assimilation and the encouragement of communautarianism by the Establishment.

American nationalists have always respected the beliefs of the Muslims who truly gave their allegiance to the United States, and chose to become American citizens. They deplore that American Muslims are in practice deprived of their mosques, given to foreign imams, and see their faith subverted by politically affiliated organizations such as the CAIR (who supports homosexuality, abortions and official member of the zionist Democratic Party).

There can be, however, no compromise on national sovereignty and this issue should be of even greater concern to the American Muslims themselves. Not only do they not want to forfeit American sovereignty by patriotism and attachment to this nation, they don't want anti-Islamic European laws imposed on us either. Laws prohibiting the construction of minarets (Switzerland) or those banning the wearing of burqa and other Islamic symbols (France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands) could very well be extended elsewhere under the New World Order promoted by the Europeans.

Russia and China

Some see the fall of the Soviet Union as the end of the "Red Threat", but nothing could be further from the truth. Liberated from a crippling ideology, that we stupidly adopted for ourselves, Russia is a dangerous threat to our interests and the resentment towards the United States is still very present.

China represents both an economic threat, in their admitted trade war against the United States, and a military threat.

Their imperialist aims in the Pacific, where we have sensible territories, coupled with their refusal to adhere to international law (which they nevertheless attempt to impose on us) are enough to raise suspicion towards a nation that wants to renew with the past "Chinese Empire".

The South Americas

One of the most critical regions of the world due to its geographic proximity with the United States, the South Americas have nevertheless been completely disregarded in our recent foreign policy.

Our allies, desperately searching for an alternative to European globalism, have found no support from Washington and have been left defenseless to combat the uprising of Marxist regimes. This marxization of regions very close to our borders has resulted in ideological contagion and, once again due to our refusal to secure our borders, a massive influx of illegal migrants who have no desire to become part of American society.

Soliddarity among nations of the Americas is natural, both for ideological and historical reasons. We share a continent, elements of our common culture and in many ways our civilizations are built on the same foundations. This solidarity should not, however, become a justification for the grotesque free-for-all visa handouts, which are destructive to our national identity and only serve to profit the globalists. We should on the contrary re-affirm our commitment to preserving American independence, and show our allies that there are alternatives to the blind subordination to Europe preached by the globalists.

Whether we decide to assist nations of Latin America or not, we cannot and must not maintain an open-border policy with crypto-marxist regimes.

A new foreign policy, America and Americans first

In foreign policy, as in every other area of our political decision making, one principle must prime over all others : national preference.

The idea of the United States being a humanitarian "policeman of the world", nonpartisan and at the service of "world causes", only serves to profit those who would precisely put their interests first. On the contrary, the United States must ensure that its national interests are the only criteria on which foreign policy is decided.

National preference also means that Americans have access to rights and privileges that foreigners cannot obtain. This principle, of which the mere evocation is enough to render hysterical any politically correct cosmo-moralist, is nevertheless essential and perfectly natural : it's applied everywhere except in the United States.

The American military must remain in its entirety under exclusive control of the United States, and should not be used in humanitarian interventions or for nation building purposes. The protection of American citizens and American interests are its only obligation, and to do so it must be ready to face any foreign aggression or interior crisis.

Finally, the United States must also have operational defense capabilities and fully autonomous means of efficient external intervention, air, naval and land, to conserve its geo-strategic role and face any modern threat.

The Solutions

Since their foundation, the United States of America have always incarnated sovereignty and national independence against all exterior threats : European colonization, international communism, Islamic terrorism. And yet, for over one century, we have seen our nation deliberately abandon its principles to fall into dependence and servitude, the opposite of national sovereignty, particularly in foreign policy and military defense. In honor to those who gave our lives to our country and to ensure the continuity of our civilization, there can only be one foreign policy for the United States : absolute sovereignty and the protection of American interests.

  1. Reject the New World Order : The idea of a New World Order imposed on us by the European globalists goes against our interests, our national identity and even our national security. Under no condition should the United States become a vassal of the European Union or cede its sovereignty in any way, whatever the justifications advanced by elites (moral, social, environmental).
  2. Ensure the military independence of the United States : The destruction of the US military and the merging of our national defense interests with a "world police" is the last step towards a world government. We must insure the United States military remains independent from foreign interests and supranational organizations such as NATO.
  3. Sanitize international economic relations : Our current international economic relations favor everyone but the American worker and taxpayer. Through unilateral free-trade (the United States have the largest trade deficit in world history) and unconditional foreign aid we have depleted our soft power and rendered our economy depended on foreign imports. In economic relations as well as any other international matter, the principle of national preference will be applied.
  4. Reserve defense contracts to American companies : The United States cannot remain independent if it doesn't retain the ability to produce the weapons used for its defense. Since the establishment of the new globalist doctrine, the department of Defense has made it its purpose to favor foreign contractors over American companies, relegating the American soldier to a simple vector of foreign enrichment. The role of the US military is not to generate profits for foreign corporations but to protect American interests, and those include our economic interests. All defense contracts must be awarded exclusively to national companies, as is done in every industrialized nation.
  5. Enforce strict control over military contractors : Not only should American defense contractors be American, they should be irreproachable when it comes to patriotism and the protection of American civilization. Any corporation that participates in globalism, anti-Americanism or supports either morally or financially the idea of a European dominated "New World Order" will be ineligible to bid on military contracts.
  6. End illegal immigration : An open-border policy is incompatible with a strong national defense since it poses both a cultural and civil threat. Rather than sending our troops defend the borders of other nations (Israel, Europe) our military should be employed to protect our own. Since illegal immigration is in practice indifferentiable from a foreign invasion, against which the United States government is legally required to act, the military will make use of all force necessary to prevent foreigners from penetrating illegally in our nation.
  7. Handle minor security issues on a local level : For Americans to truly participate in the defense of their nation and not be spectators dependent on the government, they must retake control of their security imperatives. Naturals disasters (fires, floods, earthquakes), industrial hazards and transportation accidents can be handled much more efficiently on a local level than through federally managed and heavily bureaucratic agencies (FEMA).
  8. Abolish the Department of Homeland Security : While the official purpose of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is to protect the United States at its borders and prevent domestic emergencies, it has since long adopted a new role as a politically motivated militia. Used now exclusively as a propaganda tool for open-borders and foreign military intervention, this federal department and its attached agencies have outlived their usefulness by a wide margin.
  9. Responsibilize Americans to their national security : The defense of the nation is not just a prerogative of a select few "insiders" in the federal government, it's the matter of every American citizen. It is however the duty of the government to be absolutely transparent with the American people as to the threats we face, and not diminish the problems under a veil of obscurantist media propaganda, to exalt patriotism and national pride, and to encourage Americans to recognize the fragility of their freedom and prosperity and defend them accordingly.
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