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Statism, Taxes and Government Spending

The classic trap is to oppose big government socialism and free-trade inspired "libertarianism", as if both weren't two sides of the same coin. This is a false debate staged by the Establishment to lure the American people away from the road to prosperity. It's national interest, not ideology, that should govern the actions of the government. In fiscal matters, these actions must translate into tax relief, individual responsibility and freedom of choice.

The Reality

The destruction of American prosperity through statism

Big government statism is often perceived ambivalently by the masses and general public : they love to criticize its costs but keep demanding more of its intervention at each election.

Whether it's the media through class warfare rhetoric, politically motivated NGOs through sectarian lobbying, public school indoctrination through common core propaganda or even the occasional law propositions decided by legitimate electoral process, the idea of an all-encompassing government has made its way into collective consciousness.

In economy, in agriculture, in education, in research, in housing, in banking, in ecology, tomorrow maybe in healthcare... the idea is that the government, or any form of central authority, must take care of everywhere and everyone at all times.

Anyone whose cognitive capabilities haven't completely been impaired by decades of public school proto-welfare pedagogy understands that this concept is incompatible with the basic premise of liberty : for a government to micromanage every societal issue it must necessarily limit individual rights, power and choices.

The other consequence of this desire to expand the influence of centralized government to all sectors of activity is the diminution of the State's legitimate authority : by trying to regulate all societal or economic activity, the government has become an overreaching paper tiger with little to no control over the issues that truly matter, whether Defense, Justice or the preservation of our sovereignty.

Under the impulsion of socialist doctrines promoted by internationalist lobbies, the State deserted its role of protector of American interests and became an omnipotent regulator at the expense of the taxpayer. The result of the parasitic bureaucracies and irresponsible nanny-state clientelism is a government that regulates everything but controls nothing.

Statism also acts a hurdle to development and prosperity : by imposing an unbearable toll on economic activity, both through high taxes and regulation, the globalists can make their countries (Europe) seem more fiscally competitive and attract business owners and entrepreneurs.

And even when entrepreneurs and job creators do choose the United States for their activity, they are often disadvantaged by our tax code that heavily taxes labor and encourages importation over domestic production.

Beyond all the economic reasons that alone should justify abandoning the big government mentality, there is also a political one : the best way to keep the government away from corruption is to not put in the position of being corrupt. A State that accounts for a considerable share of national wealth for purposes that aren't strictly sovereign attracts corruption more than anything else.

By its constant interventionism, wherever it was applied, the State has sterilized initiative, ballooned spending, raised taxes, created artificial government jobs, reduced production, squandered large amounts of private wealth, promoted dependency, enhanced the trade-deficit, encouraged debt-based consumption, restricted individual freedom, allowed and facilitated outsourcing, and by doing so the State has become an unbearable shackle to the American economy.

Finally, the irresponsible spending spree born of social clientelism, financial corporatism and Keynesian economic policies has resulted in the massive expansion of the public debt. This alone poses a threat to national security, a threat that is amplified by the fact that over 30% of "our" debt is held by foreigners.

Foreign aid, institutionalized government treason

Nothing exhibits the treason of the successive governments towards the American people better than the concept of foreign aid.

The federal government can't take money from foreigners to give to the American people, so why should it be allowed to do the opposite ? Yet, each year the US government gives approximately 50 billion dollars of "international assistance" (over 30 billion in direct economic aid alone) to foreign nations, who often openly consider the United States their enemy.

If the domestic welfare state is dangerous for our economy, as it promotes dependency and attracts immigration, this particular type of "foreign welfare" is even more destructive as it enriches our competitors.

It's perfectly ludicrous that public officials use the recession as a pretext to demand unacceptable sacrifices from the American people (and impose even more forceful taxation on their labor) all while they send American taxpayer money to foreign countries.

Worse than internationalism, a fallacy according to which our government should make no distinction between what is American and what is not, foreign aid in fact does make the distinction : it simply places foreign interests above those of the American people.

Foreign aid has always been a precursor to the concept of world government adjured by the global elites, and it's not difficult to see who it benefits. Even the "true" internationalists and other third-worldists indoctrinated by hippie left-wing citizen of the world propaganda are mistaken in their approach : most foreign aid goes to European military contractors or agribusiness groups, not those in need in poor countries.

But foreign aid is only the apparent consequence of a much deeper problem : foreignism, globalism and American ethnomasochism. These anti-national ideologies transpire in every policy or action undertaken by our leaders : race towards immigration, dismantlement of all borders, abolition of private property, destruction of the family, capitulation to the diktat of the Europeans, and especially foreign aid.

Worse than the neocon fake-right that seeks to transform the United States military into the "police of the world", the antiracist left wants to make the American taxpayer the provider for internationalist organizations (financed by American money but run by European interests) and the almoner of the third-world.

Foreign aid is only the technical culmination of an ideology that sees the American as less deserving, if not downright inferior to its foreign counterpart. The global elites, the education system, the media and our own traitor politicians are accomplices in this reversal of values that has led Americans to believe that unemployment, poverty and spoliation were acceptable, even desirable, in order to enrich foreign nations and institute a cosmocratic world government, supposedly guaranteeing "international social justice".

The globalist "citizen of the world" dogma doesn't withstand careful analysis. The globalists will systematically present themselves and the European nations as victims, whatever the circumstances, and according to them its the duty of the American people to alleviate (financially, of course) the burdens of various perceived injustices.

One of the first and most notable examples is of course the Marshall Plan, under which the American taxpayer was required to finance the reconstruction of Europe ! Under the Versailles Treaty, the war losers were sanctioned which is logical. Under the Marshall Plan however, the "American" victors self-imposed economic sanctions on themselves to financially assist the very same nations that started the war !

These absurd decisions, that only seem absurd to those who don't adhere to the New World Order global agenda, the silent majority, have not only hindered our growth and abetted our enemies, they also served to set a dangerous precedent : it is now expected for the United States to intervene in every conflict and be at the forefront every internationalist cause.

Would we still have endemic unemployment, low-wages, homelessness and extreme precariousness among our own compatriots if these yearly 50 billion dollars (50,000,000,000 USD) had stayed in the American economy ? Probably, since the bulk of our impoverishment is done through deliberate trade-deficits and immigration. But the very concept of forcibly taxing Americans to enrich foreign nations is not only the summum bonum of political cosmopolitanism (alongside immigration, free-trade and supra-nationality), it epitomizes the vision behind the globalist agenda.

The fallacy of the income tax

The progressive income tax is an alibi tax that protects the transnational rich, while harming American workers.

All forms of income taxes are an aberration, even the proportional taxes systems such as the flax tax, but the combination of an income tax with a progressive scale and high marginal rates is the most reprehensible.

Not only does it promote dependency and mediocrity at the expense of hard work and success (as all socialist systems do), it also serves to protect the transnational rich class from effective taxation.

The reality is that the income tax only targets those who declare their incomes in the United States, meaning those who contribute to the economy : the American worker, entrepreneur and businessman.

The hyper-nomadic rich, who openly consider themselves "citizens of the world", have no problem incorporating themselves in Luxembourg, having their products manufactured en masse in China and selling them to the American consumer. Due to nearly non-existent trade tariffs in the United States and the absence of any sales tax, these "global companies" and their CEOs will have not contributed anything to the US economy, despite making huge profits off of it.

The same cannot be said for the American business owner who chooses to have his products manufactured in the United States.

The financial gains associated with capital investment, entrepreneurship and labor are disproportionately taxed compared to trading, speculation, and especially product imports. Contrary to the media narrative, the progressiveness of the income tax system amplifies this injustice.

What the media will not say is that the transnational rich and their foreign corporations often practice "fiscal optimization", meaning tax evasion in foreign countries, that legally exonerates them from paying any form of personal or corporate income tax, capital gains tax, or even payroll tax if applicable.

Of course they would pay sales taxes and import tariffs if we had them, but their pro-European globalist lobbies have made sure that the United States remain the country with the lowest general tariffs in the OECD, and the only economy that doesn't have a border-adjustable tax regime.

The progressive income tax benefits foreign corporations in two ways : first by exempting them from American taxation, and second by burdening domestic competition with extreme marginal rates to ensure them a de facto monopoly.

The dangers of "fiscal redistribution"

The harmfulness of our tax system goes well beyond its mechanical effects.

According to the nocive idea of "fiscal redistribution", a socialist concept that governs the actions of the State since the beginning of the twentieth century and particularly since the "New Deal" of globalist and traitor Franklin D. Roosevelt, taxes have three purposes : financing general government expenditures, ensuring an "equitable income distribution" and transferring social burdens from one group to another.

If we can all agree that taxation is indeed necessary to finance public expenditures, though we must still agree on their perimeter, and alleviate the effects of unsustainable collective hazards, due to its political nature this does not hold true for "income redistribution".

Economic solidarity comes in the form of individual based, patriotic consumer choices that favor the well-being and interests of the national community, but can under no circumstances be the moral justification for redistribution or the welfare state.

Although the official mantra of its proponents is guaranteeing "social justice", the American tax system serves, in fact, only to exacerbate inequalities.

The hyper-taxation of labor and income allows the development of a two-tiered economy.

On one side, the "global rich". Encouraged by the system itself to participate in tax evasion by moving their assets and workforce in foreign countries, they are practically free of any form of fiscal liability due to the open-border mentality and the free-trade phenomenon that proliferate in the United States.

On the other side, the middle class American citizen. Told to "pay his fair share" by the very same transnational rich that don't contribute anything to the American economy, this group therefore supports the tax burden in its entirety.

Worse, due to the refusal of the Establishment to implement a consumption tax or raise tariffs, for ideological reasons or by free-trade fanaticism, and to the consequent narrowness of the tax base, the American middle class is demanded to finance both the ultra-rich (through subsidies), the foreign (through foreign aid) and the poor (through welfare).

The fact that we demand of our middle class, the spearhead of the American economy, to finance foreigners and rich internationalists is proof enough of the idiocy of our tax policies.

As for the latter group, the fate of the "poor" is only very marginally improved, if at all, by the welfare state. Other economic factors such as immigration, free-trade, job-killing regulation, minimum wage mandates and educative bankruptcy maintain them in a trap of poverty.

The focus on class warfare by the media and demagogue politicians is intentional and serves to dissimulate the real inequalities, those between the American national (taxed ad mortem and beyond) and the Foreign.

All income or labor tax, whether personal income, corporate income, capital gains, payroll or self-employment taxes, fail to include non-residents and non-citizens in their tax base. We can debate whether this systematic fiscal omission towards oddly specific groups (the foreign, again) is intentional or not, but the results are the same : predatory fiscalism targets those who refuse to become globalist "citizens of the world".

Furthermore, the current tax code, by its complexity, creates another form of economic injustice. The American taxpayer, baffled by abstruse text, stifled by levies, discouraged by egalitarian mandates, crippled by ideological free-tradism, harassed by arbitrary bureaucracies, eventually stops producing and innovating.

The socialist redistribution state encourages tax evasion, outsourcing and expatriation for questionable and at best very marginal benefits.

The Solutions

Lasting economic recovery can only be attained if the financial bases of the country are sound. To say that it's not the case today is an audacious understatement.

The nationalist program is the only platform that seeks to make the United States economy more competitive while simultaneously restoring fiscal sanity on the federal level, ending the so-called debt crisis.

  1. Abolish the income tax : The income tax is, as we have seen, both an impediment to economic growth and an alibi for the transnational rich and their associated foreign corporations. Repealing the 16th amendment and abolishing the income tax will have three beneficial economic effects : allowing more Americans to keep the fruits of their labor and in turn re-invest it effectively in the economy, facilitating the termination of the foreign IRS, and finally, by becoming fiscally attractive once again, encouraging private investments in the USA.
  2. Cease all foreign aid : Foreign aid is a budgetary aberration and is in many ways closer to governmental treason than to the usual Keynesian stupidity that originates from Washington DC. All forms of government aid to foreign nations or foreign entities, either via economic aid, military support or subsidies will be terminated.
  3. Repeal all corporate taxes : All forms of corporate taxes are harmful to the American economy, as only national businesses are required to pay them (while foreign corporations profit from fiscal evasion). The corporate income tax and the self-employment tax will be repealed, and American small businesses will be completely exonerated from taxation and government operated "social contribution" (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid).
  4. Adopt a border-adjustable tax system : The current tax system is harmful both by its complexity and its extravagant rates, but also by the fact that it penalizes only domestic economic activity, while giving a free pass to foreign corporations. In other words we are taxing our own exports while encouraging product imports. A better form of tax system would be general import tariffs (the only form of taxation allowed by the Constitution) or, if necessary, a form of sales tax or consumption tax.
  5. End the immigration drain : The presence on American soil of a growing number of non-citizens represents for our nation an exorbitant financial burden. Speaking of "reducing the spending" while ignoring the costs of immigration is either insanity or demagogy. Ending illegal immigration and greatly reducing legal immigration is not only necessary for the preservation of our culture, our civilization and national identity, it is also a prerequisite for restoring a efficient government.
  6. Prohibit the taxation of property : Government war on private property is nothing new. It is, in fact, a necessary element of the emergence of a communist regime. While some governmental agencies are more open in their assaults on American private property (BLM, BATFE), others prefer to proceed incrementally : it's the case of the IRS and other revenue services. By virtue of the inalienability of property rights, the property tax, the capital gains tax and all other similar extortion mechanisms will be abolished.
  7. Dismantle the Federal Reserve : The Federal Reserve is a catalyst for debt, inflation, government overreach, artificial consumerism, trade-deficits and by extension unemployment and poverty. The Federal Reserve is a private entity created by the biggest traitor in US history, Woodrow Wilson, and his internationalist banker collaborators. Even today, many of the investment banking firms controlling the FED are foreign (Barclays is British, UBS is Swiss...). A central bank with power over monetary creation in itself is problematic, but one that is owned by foreign corporations is particularly dangerous, especially when the said corporations are European (we all know that Europe has only "officially abandoned" its hegemonic colonization agenda).
  8. Reform the welfare state : The State, under the principle of authority, derives its resources from the wealth produced by the private sector. This constraint is both legitimate and necessary, in order to ensure its sovereign functions : military, justice and the protection of national interests. The State is therefore only tangentially an economic agent and, outside of major crises, its role must be limited to the country's security and the defense of American interests in the world. Assistantship and welfare don't reduce poverty, they consolidate it. Prosperity can only come from the efforts of individual productive actors : American workers and businesses.
  9. Repudiate the US national debt : The federal government can't contract debt in the name of the American people, as the American people aren't involved in the decision to contract it (unless you count the globalist masquerade known as elections with pre-selected candidates). All debts are those of the policymakers and their accomplices : president, congressmen, bankers, government officials, activists, media pundits, globalist lobbies and labor unions. All national debt held by foreign bankers or foreigners must be cancelled, as well as the debt held by the Federal Reserve. The shares of the debt held by Americans can be reimbursed progressively.
  10. Mandate a balanced budget : Many globalist pundits affirm that balancing the budget is a step backwards (!), whereas raising or eliminating the debt ceiling is somehow necessary or courageous. That is a delusion. Nothing is easier than to contract debt. Nothing is easier than to remain a prisoner of the European banking system, and obediently subordinate ourselves to their institutional proxies (IMF, World Bank). A true nationalist initiative would be to repudiate the debt "we" owe to foreign banks, foreign holders and the FED, and require that all future budgets be balanced.
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