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The Media : the fourth estate at the service the New World Order

The globalist invasion could not have been possible, for the most part, without the complicity and willful involvement of the mainstream media. Their modus operandi is quite simple and consists of the proclamation of certain "established truths", undisputed taboos that are incessantly repeated on every media outlet and admitted without discussion.

The basis of the single-thought doctrine, a delirious propaganda machine in which the majority of media groups and journalists have encased themselves, is to exclude any opinion that would challenge the system from the public debate.

Global elites, political cronies, pseudo-intellectuals, media pundits, members of the journalistic aristocracy and other useful idiots of the system contribute significantly to the impoverishment of the American political stage, by enclosing it in the narrow framework of political correctness to the point of having no alternative to the pre-packaged talking points parroted by the globalists and their media lackeys.

Everything is done to preserve and promote the globalist narrative, to the point of absolute ideological homogeneity and a devout adherence to the globalist doctrine. Finance, media, politics, education system, left, right, republican, democrat, independent... every member of the cosmopolitan oligarchy comes together to preach the globalist gospel, and to ensure the ostracism of any dissident opinion.

The result is a caricatural casteism from the media, a sort of propaganda parody that would be humorous if it wasn't so predictable. Immigration, good. UN supranationality, good. Socialism, good. Borders, bad. Free-market capitalism, bad. Free-trade, good. Patriotism, bad. Cosmopolitanism, good. Taxes, good. Gun control, good. The Constitution, very bad. Environmentalism, good. Homosexuals, good. National identity, bad. Europe, good. Foreign aid, good...

On all major issues, it's now very easy to anticipate the positions of all media and news outlets. They will simulate hostility between themselves and their competitors, but they're all in reality very close to the global elites and serve little more purpose than to obediently regurgitate internationalist mantras to the American people.

Internationalism and the cult of the foreign are essential hallmarks in the globalist "information war".

Everything is done to vilify the United States and all that is American, while simultaneously promoting exaggerated internationalism and particularly pro-European propaganda.

This zealous pro-Europeanism is omnipresent in the mainstream media, sometimes in subtle and sometimes in not so subtle forms, and is brazenly hammered in by the media elites at any chance they get.

They promote foreign tourism, encourage trade imports and mindless consumerism, glamorize foreign culture (seen as "exotic") and have only contempt for the American people, their civilization and their lifestyle.

Whatever the circumstances and whatever the reality, the media narrative will always favor European interests and assist their cultural and economic takeover (Europe is the homeland of their masters).

This exaltation of the Europeans is a prime example of the double-standard that governs the media narrative. What is considered "wacism" or intolerant when done by Americans is considered normal and even encouraged when done by Europeans. Marches of Waffen-SS veterans are routinely organized by European governments, and never reported by thee mainstream media, but would an American only criticize the Israel lobby and he would be "anti-Semite".

In fact, many times its the same media consortia that promote ultra-nationalism and white supremacy in Europe that are a the forefront of the "anti-racist" movement in the USA. Their goal is to turn the United States into a self-hating cosmopolitan colony of the New World Order, while simultaneously advocating ultra-nationalism for themselves.

Having one foot in corporate media, another one in politics and sometimes a third in the financial sector is therefore important for many globalists (Soros, Buffett), who use that influence to dictate their international socialist agenda to brainwashed Americans.

There is in the United States a meticulous confiscation of public speech by a small caste of media pundits, so-called intellectuals and politicians, whose names and functions are interchangeable but who appear constantly, all the time and everywhere at once. If their names, often very colorful such as Schultz, Stein, Steinberg, Maher, Feinstein, Choamsky and Cohen, are interchangeable, their message remains the same independently of the circumstances : globalism at all costs.

Any form of nationalism or any opinion perceived as dissent by the media nomenklatura is systematically labelled as "wacist", intolerant, homophobic, fascist or any other convenient buzzword that allows them to sidestep the issue.

There are also some tacit agreements amongst the media on what topics can and cannot be addressed (they "authorize" plurality of opinions as long as "dangerous ideas" are selectively excluded). Transgressing these unspoken laws, for example by evoking the problems of immigration or free-trade, generates hysterical defense reactions amongst the politically correct media watchdogs, precluding any form of honest and intelligent discussion.

These anti-racist dogmas, Stalinist both in their inspiration and their application, lead to the officious prohibition of American patriotism and allow politically affiliated "minorities" to weigh on interior politics and establish themselves as a thought police.

But the media is also an instrument used by the globalist to precipitate the destruction of American culture.

The American citizen is no longer seen as a member of a structured community, following the natural order of Nation, profession, region and family, but rather as a "global consumer", having no cultural anchors and whose identity is defined solely by media and advertisement. To that purpose, traditional American culture that is born and bred from our own civilization is being replaced with mass imported "productions" (panem et circenses), fabricated by foreign advertisers and irrelevant to our identity.

As we have seen, aided by the overt propaganda of organized press and dominant media groups, and supported by leftist trendies who feel "special" and "compassionate" assisting a takeover they don't fully understand, the globalists enjoy a broad consensus ranging almost from top to bottom in the social ladder.

But to cement their authority, they must work continuously to maintain the illusion that they derive their power and legitimacy from the will of the American people.

The Left-Right paradigm, the illusion of choice

If American politics have any future outside of total globalist domination, it can only be on the basis of the radical abolition of this fossil distinction. The Left-Right paradigm disavowed itself when both major parties, and their satellites, embraced globalism and betrayed their nation.

The Left, traditionally and historically the defender of working classes, is now the biggest advocate for unilateral free-trade and mass immigration. The Right, supposedly the fervent proponent of sovereignty and national independence, now champions every supranational treaty and leads the charge to turn the United States into a European protectorate.

If the doubt was still allowed some fifty years ago, the recent bipartisan initiatives in favor of free-trade (NAFTA), immigration (Amnesty, DREAM Act), international socialism (medicare, medicaid, social security), gun control ("assault rifle" ban), foreign corporatism ("affordable" healthcare act) and UN supra-nationality (global warming/climate change) served to finalize the dismantlement of the already porous borders between Left and Right.

This uniformization of the political thought is not specific to the two major parties. The so-called "independent" parties, for all their eccentric names, are just as guilty as the Republicans and Democrats of conformism to the globalist single-thought doctrine.

In reality, the only cleavage that exists between politicians is the following : there are those who believe in the United States of America and those, much more numerous, who don't. The real opposition in the political arena is between the nationalists and the cosmopolitans, those who work for the United States and those who work against it (and for the New World Order).

The main illustration of this perpetual political deception lies in the infamous general elections, where media cohorts at the service of the global elites will go to great lengths to simulate antagonism between two political factions, when in reality both platforms are indistinguishable from one another on all major issues.

The political Establishment needs this theatricality of staged hostilities to mask the intentional absence of any alternative to globalism.

Naturally, the media greatly contribute to this intellectual fraud : they hype conflicts, dramatize artificial political oppositions, all while sterilizing the debates in the hackneyed framework of political correctness. A predictable election between two preselected globalist puppets becomes a "once in a lifetime choice" between "two fundamentally different visions for the future".

To the extend that it still remains difficult to hide the permeability between the projects of each side on the core subjects (taxes, spending, immigration, trade, foreign policy), emphasis is constantly placed on secondary issues, often societal, such as gay marriage and abortion. While these are certainly important issues, they are very far from the political and economic policies affecting the future of the United States.

Republicans and the Right in general have a better track record, but it's always marginal and the main platforms have been so thoroughly infiltrated by internationalist ideologies that neither the Right or the Left have anything in common what what our Founders envisioned for the future of our Nation.

The members of the "moderate Right" all voted for amnesty bills, recognized UN treaties depriving us of our sovereignty and control over our borders, supported a government that spends each year 50 billion dollars of taxpayer funds in foreign aid, and they want us to believe at the same time that they defend national identity, the independence of the United States and the interests of the American people !

The betrayal of the Left is even more evident.

The choice of the Left to align itself with the globalist doctrine led to the total abandonment of the American worker. "Buy American" and "economic patriotism" were dropped in favor of a monomaniac advocacy of cosmopolitanism and an open acceptation of immigration.

Why would the Left, traditional champion of the working classes, the poor, the excluded, and resolute opponent of all forms of foreign oligarchies, turn its back on our own Nation and condone the global dictatorship of a select few European supremacists ?

Why did the Left become nothing more than an alibi for white guilt millionaires (Buffett, Moore, Gates), an equivalent of the philanthropies of yesterday's robber barons ?

Why has the Left deserted the defense of American popular classes to join the ranks of the anti-racist hippies in their ludicrous veneration of the "undocumented" and other foreigners ?

The reasons of this treason go beyond the familiar opposition between Republicans and Democrats, between Left and Right. In fact they go back to before either the Republican or Democrat party was even founded.

Since the beginning of its history, there has always been a part of the population that has resented the independence of the United States. Vehemently anti-national, often fascinated by Europe and its alleged superiority, they were and still are fundamentally opposed to the idea of the United States being an independent and (god forbid) prosperous nation.

They have been on the opposing side each time the United States tried to assert its independence and sovereignty, first during the Revolutionary War of course, but they also resisted anything they perceived as challenging European hegemony : Constitution, Bill of Rights, abolition of slavery, free-market capitalism, individual freedom, anti-communism (communism is a European fetish), disapproval of central banking, and especially any form of American culture.

This explains why they can support slavery, racial segregation and... anti-racism and immigration at the same time without suffering cognitive dissonance. The abolition of slavery represented a strong divergence between the United States and the European reign, slavery having been instituted during the colonial era, and the refusal of immigration is perfectly natural for a nation wanting to protect its identity. These are both forms of independence and emancipation from European imperialism, hence they are both opposed by traitors and internationalist sellouts.

The so-called progressives are in many ways the advocates of the most retrograde and reactionary policies, as their ideal society is the one that preceded the American Revolution : a vague colony, enslaved to European autarchs.

These traitors who have facilitated the globalist invasion by their ethnomasochism and their adulation of the foreign all somehow find their way in the media, in lobbies, in NGOs and especially in politics, on both sides of the aisle.

The Left has abandoned workers, and the Right has abandoned the Nation. But the transnational globalists aren't particularly from the Left or from the Right, they would rather infiltrate existing political factions and contaminate them with their internationalist poison. If necessary, they'll even arrogate other political ideologies to themselves to avoid admitting their true allegiance : a conservative becomes a pro-European war hawk, a liberal, meaning free-market capitalist, becomes an international socialist, a nationalist becomes a communitarian race warrior, a "homophobe" becomes anyone who disagrees with the gay lobby, a fascist becomes anyone who isn't part of the anti-racist apparatus...

Having the mainstream media on their side once again proves invaluable. We are told that such party needs to "evolve on immigration" or face extinction, even when the heavily altered mainstream polls themselves can't hide the unpopularity of immigration. The party's leadership can then play the reluctant heroes and pretend to "compromise" in a "bipartisan effort", when we all know they would have supported immigration one way or another. But it's nonetheless a convenient way for them to keep their electorate and maintain their facade while doing the exact contrary of what got them elected.

The responsibility of this electoral deceit doesn't fall solely on the two main parties. If the Soviets had one platform and one party, modern America does at least slightly better : multiple parties all sharing one platform.

Most "independent parties" are nothing more than clones of either the Republicans or the Democrats. They are imbued with the same ideology, the same conceptions about the Nation, and they all share an uncompromising belief in the advent of globalism.

They are political baits, used by the globalists to maintain control over those, increasingly numerous, who have given up on the false dichotomy between Left and Right.

Never have the independent parties, no more than the Republicans and Democrats, ever had any serious proposal to address the issues of open borders, national identity, unilateral free-trade, the public debt or the trade deficit. And when one party takes a symbolic step in the right direction, it's immediately counterbalanced by more ludicrous internationalism.

If all parties promise to apply the same policy, and believe that the future is scientifically defined and tends towards the universal reign of inexorable globalism, what is the point of even voting ?

Politically deliverance can't, ironically, come from the efforts of one or two well intentioned political factions would they even exist. Rather, it has to come from the collective awakening of the American population.

The modern American has no connection to the soil of his forefathers. He travels all across the Earth (foreign tourism) as a citizen of nothing with no roots anywhere, to the point of becoming no more than a tourist even in his own Nation.

As long as we pretend to live in a "global community" rather than a Nation, as long as we vilify our identity and civilization and as long as we don't irrevocably repudiate all internationalism and cosmopolitanism, we will forever face the same (false) choices.

Globalism is not a fatality but a deliberate decision made by leaders who lost faith in our nation. The sooner we close this chapter of our history, the sooner we will recover and return to the path of growth, full-employment and prosperity.

Blueprint of the globalist invasion

The United States of America have become the only civilization in the history of Man to attach greater prestige to what is foreign than to what is domestic, a culmination of the internationalist ideology.

The core aim of the globalist project is the destruction of American national identity.

To do so they must repress and stigmatize all forms of tribalism (patriotism, nationalism, regionalism, nativism) and spurn all means for cultural belonging : family, kinship, traditions, nation, civilization.

The exception is of course communitarianism. Communitarianism is accepted and even encouraged as it is deeply anti-national in its manifestations, by using exacerbated differences amongst members of the American population to promote "group rights" ideologies.

The goal of anti-racism and other xeno-tolerant aberrations is not so much to proselytize as it is to polarize. Concretely, it matters little for the globalists which side of the movement one joins, since both serve equally the global agenda.

That's why the media propaganda is so cartoonishly politically correct, to the point of absurdity, on certain subjects. The most recent example is found in the risible media orchestration that "covered" the trial of a certain "white" (according to them) "American" having fatally shot another black "American", that culminated in the president himself taking a stance on a minor event perfectly insignificant compared to the issues the president is supposed to be concerned about (but apparently isn't) such as employment, national security, sovereignty.

You would think that having an entire cohort of leftist media lackeys blaming the "wacism" of white Americans for a "crime" committed by some racially indistinct mongrel that only vaguely possesses the characteristic attributes of a Caucasian is not a sure way to advance the anti-racist cause. If anything, it would serve to discredit it even further.

But again, the globalists own and direct both sides of the coin : whether one joins one side or the other, namely the "racist" or the "anti-racist" movements (which are both technically racist), it will serve the global agenda one way or the other.

White supremacists, anti-racists and almost all forms of racially motivated "group rights" lobbies are communitarian and therefore profoundly anti-national, which is why they are backed by the globalists.

When the white supremacists grow too strong, they support the anti-racists. When the anti-racists grow too strong, they support the white supremacists. In fact, the two positions aren't mutually exclusives : the party of the KKK (Democrat) became the vanguards of anti-racism and "civil rights" in less than a decade, and many preeminent members of anti-racist organizations (Clinton, Soros) are also closely tied to pro-European ultra-nationalist and white supremacy movements.

So-called "white nationalist" movements such as the Ku Klux Klan and neo-nazis are also an example of political baits. Their only purpose is to deceive a significant portion of the American population, one that is growing weary of the anti-racist credo, into indirectly supporting the same internationalism that the anti-racists preach. Many have therefore unknowingly become the useful idiots of a system they vehemently oppose.

Make no mistake, neo-nazis and "Klansmen" have nothing in common with American nationalists. The Ku Klux Klan is a faction of the Democratic Party, they support free-trade, immigration and European imperialism (which they justify by advocating an "internationalist union of all whites", cf Wilson's "League of Nations"). This is the opposite of nationalism. The neo-nazis don't even try to hide their allegiance. Their flag is a swastika (emblem of the German Third Reich), what American nationalist would use a foreign symbol as a coat of arms ?

The anti-racist and anti-white movements are also tools used by the globalists to promote their New World Order. The idea is that if they can get enough Americans to resent "minorities" and non-whites, European imperialism will be seen as less threatening in comparison.

More and more Americans are now indifferent towards European ultra-nationalism, while some are even favorable to it. "It's normal that they protect their identity, look at what happened here when the non-whites came in" they use as a rationale. That is exactly the type of thinking the globalists want to promote.

What many fail to understand is that the Europeans are the ones behind the immigration and anti-racist lobbies. They intentionally let immigrants in the United States, and encourage communitarianism and non-assimilation, so that Americans will feel threatened enough to support Europe no matter what.

Europeans have always promoted conflict between white Americans and non-whites and indeed still do. This serves two purposes : first, it weakens the national integrity of the United States by fostering internationalism ("race identification" is a form of internationalism if it takes precedence over national identity), and second, it prompts unconditional support for Europe, who are no longer seen as a threat but a "white brother" or a "part of western civilization", a cosmopolitan concept if any.

If you need any more proof of the orchestrated nature of the "racist vs anti-racist" masquerade, just compare the political platform of the 1915 Ku Klux Klan and that of modern day anti-racists, they both advocate the exact same policies : internationalism, socialism, immigration, free-trade, gun control.

Multiculturalism, of which multi-nationalism is the globalist bastardization, is not the problem. The problem is communitarianism, and in particular the forms of communitarianism that promote an internationalist vision of the world that goes against the idea of separate and distinguishable nations ("workers of the world", "whites of the world", "women of the world", "environmentalists of the world").

The globalist aspiration to fragment the United States population into "universal" groups is not solely achieved through racial division, but also exploits political, economic, social and even religious disparities.

The same can be said for so-called "class warfare". This concept is very convenient for the globalists, as they can designate a domestic enemy against which we should revolt : the "rich". Not the transnational elites or the foreign corporation, who plunder our resources gratuitously and only contribute to unemployment and deficits, but specifically the American "rich".

It's also convenient as it hides the true economic inequalities, namely those between Americans and foreigners, and allows the political Establishment to exonerate itself from addressing the difficult issues : Americans saw their standards of living gradually decline due to the trade deficit, while others saw theirs rise exponentially.

But to address these problems would require more than reading communist rhetoric off a teleprompter, so they are often neglected in favor of egalitarianist groupthink, more politically correct and infinitely more appealing to low-information masses.

Having already repressed American national identity and labelled any form of tribal attachment as racism, it's easier for the globalists to gather support for their "social causes".

Even mainstream research recognizes that humans aren't born "citizens of the world" and that cosmopolitanism is unnatural. The globalist understand that and use their "international causes" as an outlet for tribalism : rather than having the American population, beyond their legitimate differences, united by common interests as a Nation, they choose to compartmentalize them into groups that have little political significance and no cultural meaning. These groups are often labelled as "progressive", an euphemism to hide the reality that they are specifically tailored only to disrupt national cohesion and fragment the American population into marginal factions, easy to control and unconsciously working for the anti-American New World Order.

The obsession with "progressiveness" to the point of absurdity is the hallmark of a nation having lost its identity.

That is the reason why there are so many idiotic cults worshiping alien dinosaurs, "mother nature" and such. This is also the reason for all manifestations of extremism in the United States, whether political, philosophical, religious... Destroying American national identity is an end, but also a means to an end : the less Americans are attached to their nation, the easier it is for the globalists to manufacture attachment to random causes (namely those that serve the globalist project).

Behind every "social cause" there is a globalist. Anti-racism, feminism, LGBT rights, internationalism, Catholicism, communism, free-tradism, white guilt, third-worldism, Islamism, "liberalism", Zionism, socialism, environmentalism, international racism... by the time you read this book they'll probably have invented a dozen more genocidal programs ending in "-ism".

Despite the literal smokescreen of media propaganda, it's in fact very easy to expose them : they advocate their progressive causes under the veil of "human progress" in the United States, but they take good care not to implement these policies in their own nations.

Do the countries of European imperialists live by what they preach ? Do the backers of immigration, free-trade, anti-racism and the homosexual lobby apply the principles on which they relentlessly sermonize in their own nations ? Of course not, and that is pillar of the globalist doctrine : a double-standard between the United States and the rest of the world.

What is normal for all other countries become "wacist", homophobic, intolerant, fascist, bigoted, isolationist when done by the United States.

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