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Many Americans, whether they adhere to nationalism or not, have by now realized that we live under a totalitarian regime. Under a pseudo-democratic veil resides an enemy of our freedom and sovereignty at least as dangerous as communism : globalism and the global agenda.

It is no surprise that more and more American patriots are now turning away from the political debates, in spite of the importance of these debates for their future and that of their children, since the political scene is exclusively controlled and conditioned by the globalists and their unique school of thought.

From the democrats to the republicans, from the libertarians to the so-called environmentalists the underlying issues stay the same as well as the "solutions" proposed.

These political parties and institutions, who owe their legislative stature more to the adjudication of a select few rather than the will of the American people, have all been running a game of controlled opposition, a masquerade of fake political quarrels to hide the true nature of their policies : to facilitate a globalist takeover of the United States of America.

All ideological constructs based on anything other than the ascendancy of the United States of America, as honorable or appealing as they may seem, are potentially lethal to our Nation and must be opposed at all costs and countered without mercy.

The spiritual and physical continuity of the national community must be the only factor taken into consideration. This ethnocentrism is perfectly natural, every singled civilization that ever existed has applied this principle of national preference (that includes those who currently conspire to turn us into rootless "citizens of the world").

Any political decision must therefore find its inspiration in national values ​​and adhere to, not a ready-made model, but a firm and clear guideline to follow. Nationalism doesn't seek to negate the past, as socialism, nor does it intend to stay fixated on an idealized conception of an anterior society, as conservatism. But rather than importing aberrant and unsustainable social orders from Europe and Asia and adopting them as indubitable models, shouldn't we start by looking at our own civilization, recognized as the greatest in history, for guidance and as a political benchmark ?

And those who repeat the overused argument that nationalism somehow cultivates division and "hate" are either cosmopolitan propagandists or the biggest useful idiots the New World Order has ever seen. Beyond the fact that it's perfectly normal to have statutory division between Americans and foreigners, it is there the very purpose of nationality and citizenship, nationalism actually unites all Americans under the national cause.

Internationalism is in fact the most divisive ideology : by destroying all national borders, not only do the globalists destroy the identity of each individual community by impelling them to join a uniform, cultureless and predominantly alien "global melting pot", but their policies also serve to form communitarian borders inside of the nation.

By removing national borders they are repressing all forms of tribal attachments, which will then be expressed in different ways, often by establishing "sub-borders" in our own nation. These borders often follow obscure criteria, such as religious, racial or even geographical belonging, and have little to no historical or economic signification, which is convenient for the globalists who can infiltrate them and manipulate them more efficiently.

Nationalism is not only a vector of human solidarity, much more effective than the "welfare state" espoused by the Left, it's also the prerequisite for lasting cooperation between communities.

Otherwise, what is to stop the local governments of Savannah, GA or San Antonio, TX of acting absolutely and uncompromisingly in the interests of their local residents ? Of course they should, to a certain extend, and it would be much better than what we have today if they did. But national interests always take primacy over local concerns, that is the purpose of nation-states : multiple individuals form communities, multiple communities form towns and cities, multiple cities form regions, multiple regions form states...

The so-called progressives, by their obsession with open borders and their adherence to the religious dogma of cosmopolitanism, are in fact the advocates of the most regressive forms of society : their ideology goes against the fundamental premise of civilization, uniting individuals under a common tribe.

There is only one solution to restore America's greatness, a nationalist platform that prioritizes American interests rather than internationalist delusions and foreign lobbies.

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