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Understanding globalism

Understanding the globalists and their hatred for our Nation

Democrats, republicans, neo-conservatives, socialists, liberals, gay lobbies, environmental groups, political pundits, media corporations, congressmen, governors, mayors and even presidents all share the same desire and the same agenda : the destruction of the United States and the rise of what they call the New World Order.

For well over the past century, our government and other political operatives have attempted to revoke our national identity, our sovereignty and every aspect of our American culture.

The truth be told, for our politicians the future United States of America is not a priority. Many of them are so fiercely anti-American that they don't even attempt hide their true intentions or their loyalty to foreign organizations.

They fancy themselves representatives of the world, and as such they place European hegemonic imperialism and other internationalist causes far above the interests of the American people.

Our national culture is being desecrated at the profit of the Europeans or the Asians. Even our natural rights and freedoms are the new targets of these nostalgics of European hegemony.

We can only understand this impulse and passionate attachment for a global order and anti-American imperialism by relating to the world views of our leaders and their subordinates : they don't think and act according to the United States.

They do not want a free, powerful and prosperous America. They want the United States to be simultaneously the servant, the vassal, the debtor and the colony of the Europeans and their dictatorship.

Hence they will do all that is in their power to fragilize our economy, to revoke our independence and sovereignty and to erase our culture from history.

To see Americans working and fighting for the survival of their nation is unbearable to them : it reminds them too much of their own treason. They will by all means available try and stigmatize and even ostracize any form of patriotism or nationalism in the United States of America. At the same time they will promote nationalism in Europe and the rest of the world, to further accelerate our decline and the rise of their homelands.

The globalists are in fact nothing more than European imperialists, who impose forced globalization on others... while protecting their own cultures, economies and civilization behind the same mechanisms they label as fascism when others apply them.

Proponents of the global agenda, backed by the political correct propaganda of mass media and the "anti-racist" lobbies which are nothing but a feeble excuse for institutionalized anti-Americanism, will do all that is possible to prevent Americans from having any tangible influence on the policies applied in the United States. For any American to express any kind patriotism and they will be automatically categorized as intolerant, racist, fascist, homophobic, bigoted or any other term leniently used by the globalist propagandists to discredit any opposition to their anti-American doctrine.

For the Establishment, tolerance is the new veil for anti-Americanism. If you are not willing to follow the global imperialism blindly and sacrifice your freedoms, your rights and your nation's future for their dictatorial fantasies, you are labelled as intolerant and vilified by the globalist media who use any opportunity they have to promote American guilt and facilitate the globalist invasion.

Many internationalist pundits will go so far as to categorize American patriotism as totalitarianism. But what is totalitarianism if not blindly submitting ourselves to anti-American imperialism, the New World Order and European hegemony ?

What is totalitarianism if not silencing the voice of the Americans and their nation to profit the global agenda ?

What is totalitarianism if not imposing a liberticidal and unconstitutional dogma of political correctness upon the American people, when the sole purpose of this dogma is to promote anti-Americanism and demonize patriotism ?

What is totalitarianism if not establishing a double standard globalization on our citizens and our companies ? Globalization regulated by notorious anti-American organizations sold to the Europeans and the Asians such as the WTO.

What is totalitarianism if not infringing on our natural rights and illegally negating our constitution in the name of supranational treaties that the American people do not want ?

What is totalitarianism if not rewriting history to diminish the supremacy of the United States of America, erase our cultural heritage and impose on us a mourning for fictional crimes purely invented by the globalist Europeans to hide their own war crimes ?

What is totalitarianism if not dictating a single thought doctrine on globalism, immigration and the so-called progressive causes to the American citizens ? And prosecuting any citizen who doesn't agree with the Establishment's propaganda of American shame and ethnomasochism ?

What is totalitarianism if not forcibly taxing American citizens to pay for the development of third world countries and the financial expansion of foreign corporations ?

When the global media orchestration targets our nation to cover the imperialistic aims of the Europeans, when in our own nation workers are fired, shelved or excluded from any promotion because they adhere to patriotism and reject the globalist subjugation, when the judicial system works on a double standard for the patriots and the aliens, when foreign lobbies are imposed on us and financed by forceful taxation on American citizens and American companies, we are under a totalitarian regime.

Between the subversive grips of Moscow, Beijing, Brussels, and the countless anonymous foreign dictators that control the power structures of our nation, all of which silently ordering their iniquitous laws to be executed by our official leaders, Americans are truly prisoners of the global agenda.

This totalitarian stranglehold on our nation, our sovereignty and our future as a civilization was facilitated by our own elected officials, who sold our nation to foreigners in the name of their "anti-racist" and internationalist ideologies they were alone to believe, while our enemies could continue their nationalist expansion.

Internationalism, cowardice and a well developed aptitude for treason are apparently the traits that make good politicians, at least according to their successive track records.

We nationalists feel no need to be associated with those people. We have never betrayed our compatriots or our nation to keep our bowls warm, and have always preferred the discomfort of truth to the prebends and sinecures of falsehood. We have always sided with truth over propaganda, with liberty over dictatorship and with America over the Foreign.

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