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The American nationalist solution

American nationalism is the only and best solution

Being an American nationalist is about restoring our freedoms, preserving our culture, protecting our civilization and defending our interests as a nation.

We support every American that refuses to cede his national identity to the global imperialism.

We are and will always be advocates of the independence and sovereignty of the United States of America : we never looked for models or searched for leaders in Brussels, Moscow, Berlin or Beijing.

We refuse all global imperialism that assaults our sovereignty, our culture or our economic interests, whether European, Islamic, Zionist, Nippon or Soviet.

The stakes of the forthcoming years are quite clear. Either the continuity of the international socialist policies that have destroyed our culture, de-industrialized our economy, driven down working wages and allowed millions of illegals to invade our land and bankrupt our nation through the use of social programs for which they haven't contributed.

Or we can choose a real alternative, an American alternative : nationalism.

It is obvious that American nationalism is the only solution for the conservancy of our power and preservation of our culture.

Every four years Americans can either choose between international socialism, following the ideals of Marx, international liberalism, following the ideals of the Austrian school, or any combination of these two fallacious ideologies declined in every possible way and fashion (libertarian, social conservative, environmental, progressive). And that's not even talking about the single-issue parties.

So while in appearance the American political offer is diverse and pluralistic, in reality there is only one doctrine applied : internationalism. All political parties pretend to oppose each other on menial details, while tacitly agreeing on the issues that truly matter to Americans (globalization, unemployment, immigration, sovereignty). These foreground confrontations are used to conceal background agreements between the major political powers.

Never have the democrats, who boast themselves as being pro-worker, opposed the ratification of NAFTA and GATT treaties, that threaten both our sovereignty and our job growth. And never has the left done anything to oppose the "immigration reform", which is merely newspeak for a total amnesty, and of which the disastrous effect on our economy and our wages has been proven far too often.

And the republicans, who pride themselves in being pro-constitution, pro-sovereignty and anti-communist don't have a much brighter record. Never have they done anything significant or decisive to obstruct the supranational and anti-constitutional treaties imposed on us by the UN, nor have they ever effectively protected our national identity against the cultural genocide waged on us by the Europeans. Their pro-Americanism is occasional, and often times purely electoral.

The national solution is authentically American. It doesn't draw its ideals from socialist philosophies or free trade utopias ; it doesn't believe in the internationalist fetichisms of delusional cosmopolitans, nor does it buy into totalitarian fallacies such as the class struggle hailed by Marxists.

It presents without complacency the truth on our difficulties : loss of our independence and sovereignty, reliance on foreign economies, unemployment, falling wages and income, excessive charges and taxes that finance the foreign, de-industrialization of our production, trade deficit, ethnomasochism, public debt, anti-American immigration, loss of national identity.

It proposes measures of which the implementation is possible provided Americans diverge from the current globalist system and renounce the trend of cosmopolitanism, without demagogy or delusional fallacies. The national solution restores America in its greatness and Americans in their natural rights.

It is time we Americans take control of our future as a nation, and reject the globalist imperalistic reign. We owe it to our civilization, the richest in the history of manking, and most importantly to ourselves as citizens of the United States.

Those who want America to disappear as a nation fear us, and with good reason. We are the resistance against their tyranny. And this very day, together, we will drive the United States forward, towards its rebirth as a sovereign republic and well beyond.

American nationalism is the only solution.

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