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"White Privilege" and the patented vocabulary of the Left

When you are trying to win an argument with an opponent, whether a physical person or an entity such as the political party, you are basically confronted with two solutions.

You can either use logic and reason, or you can resort to using big scary words such as "racism", "white privileges" and "war on women".

The political left, being partially deprived of critical thought and totally deprived of cognitive abilities beyond that of a five year old, has made its choices long ago.

Exploiting the relatively justifiable guilt white Americans feel about racial tensions (slavery, Jim Crow laws) and the totally unjustifiable guilt they feel about nationalism (having fought AGAINST Nazi Germany in World War II unlike many European nations), the globalist left will make use of a vast array of patented words destined to trigger more of an emotional knee-jerk response rather than incite to reflection.

Such words include those found in the 10 most abused words of the liberals list.

"White privilege", "racist", "fascist" and other fabricated and utterly fantasized concepts are used in various attempts to discredit any opposition to the globalist and cosmopolitan doctrine.

And of course we are in America, the most progressive brainwashed nation (if we can still call it a nation after over a century of anti-national policies).

In America, no judge no jury, if the globalist media call you are racist you are guilty of political dissent.

They will go out of their way to attempt to prove that there is such thing as a "white privilege" in America. And I'm not saying there isn't such thing as white privileges, they exist. But they don't concern America, they concern the colonialist and imperialist Europeans which are, unlike what the media wants you to believe, those that the political Left defend and financially support.

Read understanding globalism to see why they try to demonize patriot Americans and glorify Europeans.

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